Visit and help us ... #SaveThanksgiving Gobble Gobble

Visit and help us … #SaveThanksgiving
Gobble Gobble

If you have been reading our blog over the course of the year, you have probably realized that we love to celebrate the holidays.  Well, there in this poll of one, there is none greater than next week’s Thanksgiving holiday!  Unfortunately, as the years go by, it seems that Thanksgiving is getting swept under the carpet more and more, while consumers leave their families behind to get the early bird deals for their holiday shopping.  Retailers are opening on Thanksgiving Day more frequently, and now, earlier and earlier.

For these reasons, we have launched!  In short, we want to take back the Thanksgiving holiday, remind people that this is a day for giving thanks for all of their respective blessings from the past year, and spend quality time with their family … not leave the house the second the doors open at local retailers. [Read more…]