Shore Branding’s 2015 Satisfaction Survey

Our 2015 Satisfaction survey via SurveyMonkey

Our 2015 Satisfaction survey via SurveyMonkey


This is long overdue but I have created the survey that is linked to below on SurveyMonkey to get a better gauge of what readers like/dislike about the site, where you connect with Shore Branding across the web, and what opportunity areas you see for the blog.

Please click on this link to take the survey

The survey itself should take you no more than 2-3 minutes as it very straightforward.  I would genuinely appreciate any and all feedback you may have and will absolutely consider all improvement areas mentioned.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below or sending me an email at

Thank you in advance for any and all feedback!

Again, here is the link to the survey itself.