Pin of the Month – The Modern Mobile Travelers

Infographic by

Infographic by

Building off of last weekend’s #SundayMusings, our “Pin of the Month” for May dives in on mobile, specifically the mobile traveler.  This month’s infographic coincides with a free ebook from  With an interest in mobile and a desire to always be traveling, this one was right up my alley.

The infographic takes a look at the mobile traveler and provides input and feedback as to how brands can better connect with them.  I particularly enjoy how each section of the infographic itself is followed by an insight blurb to put all of the pieces together for you.

After the demographic and background information, we get to the meat and potatoes of who the mobile traveler is and their respective behaviors.  This includes the very obvious differences across generations / age groups.

There were, however, two items that surprised me a little bit (read: I don’t fit the mold here):

  1. Consumers are consistently more likely to book travel on mobile web vs. a specific app.
  2. Approximately half of mobile travelers say they are influenced by loyalty programs.  I would have thought this would be much higher.

How are you using mobile when considering or booking travel?  Are you a multiple device researcher/planner and purchaser?  Does anything catch your eye in the statistics here like they did for me?  Let us know in the comments below or drop me an email at

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyze it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.  Thanks!


Updated Pinterest Tips – 2015

Updated Pinterest Tips for 2015 via

Updated Pinterest Tips for 2015 via

Pinterest continues to grow in popularity and I thought it would be a good idea to build off of our original Pinterest Tips article given all of the new features, updates, etc. that have been rolled out since the write-up a little over a year ago.  Those tips still ring true when thinking about leveraging the network for your brand/company, so I’m not going to spend much time rehashing those recommendations.  (As a reminder, if you are already on the network, please leverage your readily available Pinterest Analytics.)

We’ll start with one of the latest features from Pinterest:

Leverage the new “Save button” within your browser

Pinterest has made it as simple as you can possibly imagine to save an article, image, etc. on the web with its new save button.  If you don’t want to share every article you save, create a private board to save web links to so that you can revert back to them at your convenience.

Connect with others through Pinterest Messaging

More than halfway through 2014 Pinterest rolled out its messaging capability, where you could send a message within the network or via email.  Simply roll over a Pin and click on ‘Send’ which will bring up the message screen.  Select who you want to send the Pin to and away it goes.

To be transparent, I rarely use this tool.  However, the option to have it is powerful.  I imagine this works well for ideation on various team projects and the like.

Promote your Pins

Pinterest launched its advertising platform as a new revenue stream.  Within three steps you can be up and running, promoting your Pins to a targeted audience and under a controlled budget.  See the screenshots below as a quick walkthrough – pick your Pin, set up the appropriate keywords for search, add the appropriate screening as desired, and click through to enter your billing information.  That’s it, you’re set!

Add keywords and phrases to your promoted pin and scope out the size of your audience with Pinterest Advertising

Add keywords and phrases to your promoted pin and scope out the size of your audience with Pinterest Advertising

Filter down your advertising further, set your budget and away you go with Pinterest Advertising

Filter down your advertising further, set your budget and away you go with Pinterest Advertising

Note that I actually got a little tripped up here as Pinterest will review the pins that you are looking to promote and will reject your pin if they don’t meet certain criteria and guidelines.  When I save a Pin I will typically also share it on Twitter at the same time.  However, you can’t have more than one hashtag in a Promoted Pin, so I had to edit the Pin itself accordingly.

As a second addendum, hashtags do not add any particular value on Pinterest specifically.  So when our first Pinterest Tips article referenced the use of hashtags, you’ll see that it was for sharing across other platforms and networks.

Find the right frequency for Pinning

Mass-pinning or not pinning often at all are both losing strategies.  Try to find the right level of frequency in terms of number of pins and how often over the course of the week.  This isn’t easy, so you will want to monitor results and tweak those plans over the course of several weeks, if not months.

Finally … Engage

Beyond the messaging feature referenced above, use Pinterest to engage your customers / audience.

  • Invite others to become a member of your group board
  • Run contests
  • Create exclusive content only for Pinterest followers
  • Direct your followers from other platforms to your page … or a specific board

What are you doing on Pinterest that is / is not working?  Do you have a specific plan in place for Pinterest in 2015?  Let us know in the comments below.  Hope these ideas provide some guidance or ideation for you to leverage moving forward.


Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 4-26-15

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding focusing on LinkedIn (Photo credit:

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding focusing on Pinterest (Photo credit:

Our #SundayMusings continues “Pinterest Month” here on Shore Branding with a look at a handful of news and stories regarding the platform, how to leverage it, and what businesses can do to maximize their efforts.  Building off of last weekend’s “Pin of the Month”, here are the top stories from around the web that related to Pinterest and caught my eye.

#1 – “Pinterest Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Success” – via

Premise: A collection of articles from around the web on how to market yourself / your business on Pinterest, as well as a resource for tips and recommendations for the site.

Thoughts: Our first article actually links to a number of articles and I thought this would be a good starting point to cover just about all different bases on Pinterest, Pinterest marketing, etc.  This includes an entire sub-section of articles devoted to Pinterest Analytics, a fantastic way to track your efforts and gauge success on the site.

The article also contains links regarding Pinterest advertising and promotional recommendations to help build your presence / network on the platform.

#2 – “10 Amazing Facts About Pinterest Marketing That Will Surprise You” via

Premise: Want to know more about Pinterest and the opportunity it may provide for you?  Take a look at these facts and figures, based off of an infographic.  After a few, key numbers on Pinterest, the author goes into ten facts regarding why Pinterest should have your attention if it doesn’t already.

Thoughts: What caught my attention right from the beginning is that not only is Pinterest growing in total numbers still, but the amount of “activity” the site is producing.  Pinterest users remain active on the network and aren’t just signing up and disappearing.

One item that I do wish this article and a lot of others would stop doing is comparing Pinterest – or any other site – to Facebook.  Growth rates for the latter should not be expected to be well into the double digits, given the enormity of how many people are already there.  It’s a terrible comparison and unfair to either site.

#3 – “How Businesses Can Get Started Using Pinterest” via

Premise: Interested in creating a Pinterest page for your business but looking for tips and recommendations on how to do so?  This write-up is for you.  The author puts together step-by-step instructions on how to create a business page on Pinterest, whether that be from scratch or converting over from a personal page.  From there, a few tips are provided on some of the basics for your business page.

Thoughts: Occasionally, I/you take for granted the initial setup because it has been so long since you did it yourself.  That was my rationale for including this post in today’s #SundayMusings.  It has been a while since our Pinterest page was setup and verified.  These steps will help Pinterest newcomers easily get through these early stages of account setup and maintenance.

#4 – “Relationship Marketing with Pinterest with Wade Harman” via

Premise: Wade Harman makes an appearance on the “Manly Pinterest Show” and provides his thoughts and feedback on social media, spending a good amount of time focusing on Pinterest specifically.  For those that don’t want to sit through the 40 minute discussion, there is a table of contents with time markets underneath the embedded video.

Thoughts: Interesting feedback and truthful responses from Wade in the interview.  It was refreshing to hear someone say, “I used it to drive traffic at first”.  After covering relationship marketing, the discussion pivots back to Pinterest and whether or not it is a social network (I believe it is), leveraging the messaging feature (I don’t use either), etc.  I also like one of the final discussion points and Wade’s decision to not automate his pins.  (Agreed.)

#5 – “How to Turn Pinterest Into a Revenue Generating Channel” via

Premise: The author has created an infographic on how to generate revenue via Pinterest.  Starting off with a few facts and figures on the site, the infographic then takes you through how/where Pinterest is more effective than other social networks.

Thoughts: I thought this was another fantastic infographic on Pinterest.  Had I not found last weekend’s “Pin of the Month” tied more closely to brands/branding, this would have been used … and still may down the line.

Interesting statistics from the infographic:

  • Customers spending more money from a Pinterest referral vs. other platforms.
  • I really like the setup of the quad map and how to think about how others leverage the site.
  • There are a lot of tips and recommendations on the bottom half of the infographic on building engagement and your network on Pinterest worth thinking about.

Tweet of the Week:


Interesting article and certainly different ways to leverage Pinterest, creating unique value on the platform for yourself and/or your brand.  What are some other accounts you have seen that go in a unique direction on Pinterest?  I would love to hear about them and take a look.

That’s it for this weekend’s #SundayMusings.  Hope you are enjoying “Pinterest Month” here on the site!


Pin of the Month – The Most Pinteresting Brands

April's "Pin of the Month" - Infographic by

April’s “Pin of the Month” – Infographic by

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be focusing on Pinterest.  That starts this weekend with our April “Pin of the Month” from Unmetric – “The Most Pinteresting Brands” infographic.  We have actually used infographics from Unmetric in the past for our “Pin of the Month” but they keep producing some of the best infographics out there.

The top of the infographic says it all – a look across Unmetric’s database of 1,500 brands’ Pinterest pages.  Here are a few items that caught my attention from the infographic above.

What brands are winning with Pinterest?  L.L. Bean, Jetsetter, and Nordstrom all have well over 4 million followers.  Better Homes and Gardens has two of the top boards out there when it comes to driving repins.

It was a little staggering to see that among the 1,550 brands analyzed, only 150 (just under 10%) of them have posted at least once per week since 2013.  This is just another example of “you don’t have to be everywhere on social media” and/or “if you are going to sign up for a platform, do it right”.

The infographic closes with a profile of/on Pinterest.  The site is overwhelmingly used by females (93%).  It is interesting to see how little people comment on Pinterest, but they are more than willing to share/repin images and graphics that they like to their followers.

As Pinterest approaches 50 million users, how are you using the network to connect with your users/customers?  Are there any brands out there that you particularly enjoy following on Pinterest?  Let me know in the comments below.  (Personally, I like what Leap Frog does on the network.)

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.


Pin of the Month – The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

Building Your Brand Through Customers - The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing by Salesforce Canada

Building Your Brand Through Customers – The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing by Salesforce Canada


March’s “Pin of the Month” landed in our Inbox a few weeks ago.  With a focus on branding through word of mouth advertising, the infographic above from Salesforce Canada’s blog provides quite a few staggering numbers in the power of word of mouth.

An overwhelming majority are influenced in the purchasing/buying behaviors by word of mouth advertising from others.  Whether that is friends, family, and/or brand ambassadors, leveraging word of mouth advertising is critical for your brand.  I was actually surprised that WOM was the “second best source of revenue according to US small businesses”.  When I think of building small businesses, WOM is the first brand builder that comes to mind.  Without word of mouth, small business owners will have an uphill battle in getting their business off the ground.

The infographic then moves on to help explain why customers share information and recommendations about brands and closes with several tips on how to get others to talk about your brand.  There are several items that I wanted to highlight among the tips that I felt are worth noting:

  • Under “Target” I was glad to see they mentioned employees … there may not be bigger ambassadors to your brand or business than your own employees.
  • Social listening continues to grow in relevance and importance.
  • Reverting back to brand ambassadors, developing a program that is dedicated to these consumers is a great idea.  Identify these people and try to come up with some type of program that rewards them for being an ambassador.
  • Finally, as always, tinker with your program to find the right mix.  Stick with what is working and adjust the rest to optimize the program.

Have you focused any attention to word of mouth advertising?  Do you have an ambassador program for your advocates?  What has worked for you in the past?  Let us know in the comments below.

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.


Pin of the Month – Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Advertising by the numbers. Infographic by Engagor

Super Bowl Advertising by the numbers. Infographic by Engagor

Our February “Pin of the Month” wraps up our NFL and Super Bowl coverage this month.  Building off of our Super Bowl Ad Review, our “Pin of the Month” summarizes the overall impact of Super Bowl ads and which brands got the most out of their investment.  The infographic above was created by engagor who measures social customer experiences and engagement.

The numbers from engagor aren’t too surprising, albeit incredibly impressive for the NFL and its Super Bowl ads.  Almost two million mentions of Super Bowl ads on Twitter and Facebook – however, note the discrepancy in percentages between the two sites, with Twitter claiming the vast majority of references.

So what brands won and lost during the Super Bowl?  McDonald’s and T-Mobile won according to engagor, while Nationwide was largely panned for its (disgusting) ad.

Here are a few other items that caught my eye from the infographic:

  • The dominance of mobile over desktop – continuing to display the shift to mobile in our behavior.
  • Campaign hashtags were all the rage – but only a couple of brands specifically hit the top of the list – Doritos, Nationwide, and the new Jurassic Park movie.
  • Glued to the television, I largely stayed off of social media during the game and had no idea that McDonald’s was essentially live tweeting and commenting on other brand’s ads.  Great idea from their social media team.

What brands caught your attention during the Super Bowl?  What ads did you particularly like or dislike?

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.


Pin of the Month – Social Media

January's "Pin of the Month" on Social Media Pin originally from

January’s “Pin of the Month” on Social Media
Pin originally from

Happy 2015 everyone and welcome to another year of our “Pin of the Month” here on  January’s “Pin of the Month” takes a look at several key social media numbers and statistics across several of the key players in social media.  The infographic itself was found on Pinterest and originated from this article.

So what exactly are we looking at here?  As we enter 2015, the numbers across the more popular social media networks continue to amaze.  With numbers and figures from multiple sources, let’s dive into some of the facts seen in the above infographic, specifically those that caught my attention:

  • Facebook’s log-in page is now available on over one million web sites.  That’s amazing!
  • 91% of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn to search out job candidates.
  • I’m not sure how they got to the fact that eBay is the “most engaging” brand on Twitter.  (Your thoughts on the most engaging brands on the site?)
  • 1 billion Google+ accounts … but only 359 million of them are “monthly active users”.

What platform are you planning to focus on in 2015?  With the continued growth of social media in branding efforts, have you set goals for each?

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.


Pin of the Month – The Meaning of Brand Names

"The Meaning of Brand Names" - infographic by 7Brands Inc.

“The Meaning of Brand Names” – infographic by 7Brands Inc.

Our December “Pin of the Month” gets back to our roots of branding and provides the background for thirty five, highly recognizable brand names.  The “Pin of the Month” comes from a write-up on AdWeek and was created by 7Brands Inc which brought in information from a handful of sources on where brand names originated from.

There are a few here that caught my eye as “interesting to know/learn”, a few lame stories, and a few that seem pretty funny more than anything else.  The first thing that caught my eye during the first read through on the infographic was how many rely on translations from Latin, German, and other languages.

  • I had no idea that Pez came from the German equivalent to “peppermint” and that the candy was originally just in that flavor.
  • Durex was just something easy to say and remember, I had no idea it actually stood for something – Durable, Reliable, Excellence.  (Makes sense …)
  • Toyota definitively needed to tweak its name so that it didn’t translate to “fertile rice paddies”.
  • It was funny to see what UK consumers translated DASANI to “filtered tap water” even if it is incorrect.

What brand names caught your attention?  Are there any that catch you off-guard or are surprised by?  Let me know in the Comments below.  Thanks!

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 11-23-14

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding - Thanksgiving Edition (Photo Credit:

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – Thanksgiving Edition
(Photo Credit:

This week’s #SundayMusings is near and dear to our heart as we focus on the Thanksgiving holiday and Thanksgiving branding efforts made around the country.  For those that don’t already know, we have set up in an effort to keep the holiday alive and with our respective friends and family; not at the mall and shopping for holiday sales.  That is what “Black Friday” and beyond is for.  Without going on any further of a tangent, here are the top stories that caught our eyes over the past couple of weeks related to Thanksgiving.

#1 – “How Your Favorite Thanksgiving Brands Got Their Names” – via

Premise: Interested in learning how brands that are likely around your Thanksgiving table got their names?  The Mascola Group puts together a list of six brands that are commonly used for Thanksgiving meals and tells their story of how each came to be.

Thoughts: There aren’t any off the wall names or stories behind the names here among the six.  However, and it is potentially sad to admit this, I had no idea that Ore-Ida got its name being located in Oregon and next to Idaho (potatoes).  You really can learn something new every day.

#2 – “Brand of the Day: No, Costco Won’t Be Open on Thanksgiving, and Here’s Why” via

Premise: Costco won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day, with a spokesperson for the retailer saying, “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season, and we simply believe they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Nothing more complicated than that”.

Thoughts: You knew we were going to go here quickly, right?  Costco is one of a slowly decreasing number of retailers that remain closed on Thanksgiving Day and will continue to win my business because of this stance.  The creep of Black Friday into Thanksgiving Day makes my stomach turn.  You can find a list of retailers that won’t be opening their doors on Thanksgiving here or simply right here …

#SaveThanksgiving - Visit for more info

#SaveThanksgiving – Visit for more info

#3 – “7 Brilliant Brand Tactics for Thanksgiving + Inspiring Examples” via

Premise: A compilation of seven ideas that leverage the Thanksgiving holiday to spark conversation and conversion to brands.  From offering a holiday gift and hosting a meetup, Wix receives a lot of attention in the write-up, pulling out the stops around the holiday in past years.

Thoughts: Terrific examples are provided throughout the article and for each tip on how to leverage the holiday to build a little buzz for your brand.  My favorites – “Share some humor” and “Support a cause”.  I’m absolutely grabbing those memes that were created by IMPACT.  I also remember seeing a lot of support from Zynga two years ago around their holiday fundraising campaign but never saw the final numbers from their efforts ($13 million raised).  Impressive!

#4 – “Five Thanksgiving Inspired Brand Building Tips” via

Premise: A quick and easy read on five tips that will help your brand distinguish itself this holiday season.  The underlying theme behind all of this – breaking out the word Thanksgiving into two parts, “thanks” and “giving”.  Show your customers and/or partners that you care about them and go the extra mile to win their support.

Thoughts: One additional piece that caught my here (as well as in the story above) revolves around giving back to a cause and the brands that take the time to set up some type of fundraising effort for those less fortunate.  Why? …

We’ve done exactly the same thing and set up an online food drive with Feeding America this year.  We’re calling it our #SaveThanksgiving food drive.  If you have the resources, please consider donating to help others who struggle to get by.

#5 – “Black Friday Creep and the Thanksgiving Day Grinch: 2014 Edition” via

Premise: The continuing battle of if or when retailers will open their doors on Thanksgiving Day takes another step forward in 2014.  A number of retailers, including Macy’s, have announced extended hours on Thanksgiving vs. prior years.  This has led to an outcry from employees, online petitions, and even protests.

Thoughts: Does opening your doors on Thanksgiving Day really make that much of a difference to your bottom line?  Do you really need to be open on the holiday itself?  As linked in the write-up, this piece in TIME says it could actually harm your brand.

What actually gets me the most perplexed is the example of Macy’s provided in the story.  Macy’s hosts the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade?!  How are their leaders not in tune with what the holiday is and means to thousands around the country?  It feels counterintuitive to be the sponsor of the holiday parade and continue to open your stores earlier and earlier on the holiday.

Finally, here is one example of an online petition to fight against store hours on the holiday from Radio Shack employees, who has since trimmed their hours but will still open on Thanksgiving.  The team over at has been updating their Facebook page consistently over the past few weeks on their planned events to help #SaveThanksgiving.

Tweet of the Week:

Shameless plug?  Perhaps.  Meaningful?  Absolutely.  Our #SaveThanksgiving efforts continue to roll on Twitter and Pinterest.  Take a look through, follow, share, etc. and help #SaveThanksgiving.

For those that may be able to, we have set up an online food drive through Feeding America for donations.  You can read more about the efforts here or visit the online food drive page directly.

That wraps up this week’s holiday edition of #SundayMusings.  For those of you in the US, please enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!  (Please do not run out at 9am to go shopping Thanksgiving morning … #SaveThanksgiving!!)

Pin of the Month – Thanksgiving

November's "Pin of the Month" - Thanksgiving Football. Help #SaveThanksgiving Infographic by: StatoGraphics

November’s “Pin of the Month” – Thanksgiving Football. Help #SaveThanksgiving
Infographic by: StatoGraphics

Did you really have any doubt that our “Pin of the Month” for November would have something to do with Thanksgiving.  Our #SaveThanksgiving efforts are once again in full swing this month.  However, we’re focusing on Thanksgiving football with November’s “Pin of the Month”, created by Statographics.

The tradition of Thanksgiving football has lived in our homes since 1920.  This infographic provides an in-depth look at that history, providing key dates for the 95 year tradition.  Sidenote: I wonder what type of plans the NFL will put into place when we celebrate a century of Thanksgiving Day games.  Hopefully, it does not include putting more games on during the holiday itself … although it probably will.

A few items within the infographic were newsworthy for me:

  • The only time the NFL has not played on Thanksgiving Day since 1920 was from 1941-1944 due to World War II.
  • The Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day since 1935.  The Dallas Cowboys didn’t start playing on the holiday until 1966 – that was surprising to me.
  • The last two expansion teams – the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers – are the only teams to have have never played on Thanksgiving Day.

While the NFL continues to drive me further and further away from being a loyal fan due to focusing on the almighty dollar vs. the fan experience, it is a Thanksgiving tradition to watch the the Cowboys and Lions each and every year.

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.  Thanks!

As you may also know, our #SaveThanksgiving efforts can be found on  If you have a story to share on what the holiday means to you, please do send it our way so that we can post it on the site.  On the site you will also find an online food drive through Feeding America, an online petition to #SaveThanksgiving and a lot more Thanksgiving Fun!