Pin of the Month – The Best and Worst Rebrands

December's "Pin of the Month" from

December’s “Pin of the Month” from

December’s infographic for our “Pin of the Month” landed in my Inbox several weeks ago from Oomph.  It is a fascinating look at the best and worst rebrands from around the globe.  Sometimes these work, sometimes these don’t and this infographic pulls out the highlights and lowlights over time.  

If you pay attention to branding efforts from large corporations, you are probably familiar with more than a handful of these.  Which ones caught my eye? …

  • Lego has done an amazing job of rebranding itself over the years and has become an absolute behemoth in the toy industry.  While it has almost always been largely popular, I’m blown away by how well they have adapted to the times.  
  • There are probably Millennials reading this that have no idea that Old Spice was a brand practically left for dead 15 years ago.  An aftershave and cologne brand that had an archaic brand image completely reinvented itself, launched brand extensions, and completely turned itself around.  
  • Several failures – The GAP’s rebranding failed miserably with customers, as did Pepsi’s.  BP tried to rebrand itself after the Gulf oil spill and let’s just agree that this didn’t work.  

What brands caught your eye in the infographic?  Let us know in the comments below or drop me an email at  Thank you to the team at Oomph for passing this infographic along to me!

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyze it in our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let me know.  Thanks!


Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 1-26-14


Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Hope you are enjoying another weekend!  Welcome to #SundayMusings w/ Shore Branding, the top branding and digital marketing stories from the past seven days.

#1 – The Healthy Brand: Take Your Brand From Good to Great – via 

Premise: The write-up starts out with a good introduction to the importance of branding via 90 second YouTube clip from ParkerWhite Brand Interactive.  How do you make a great brand?  The company provides a thorough checklist of items to consider and answer for your brand/business in order to ensure your branding efforts are doing the most for your business.

Thoughts: ParkerWhite has dubbed brands that are fulfilling items on this branding checklist as “healthy brands”.  I just came across this site this week and will be keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks, given the comments towards the end of the write-up that they will be providing further information in the coming weeks on what makes a “healthy brand”.

As for the checklist itself, “Focused” and “Supported by brand loyalists” are certainly topics that have been discussed quite a bit here in the past within Sunday Musings.  I wouldn’t question any of the items on the checklist at all. [Read more…]

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 10-13-13


Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing


Welcome back to Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  We are going to continue with the ‘Tweet of the Week’ that started last weekend.  We’re simply looking for a tweet from a brand or company worth a little extra discussion.

#1 – The World’s First Instagram Hotel Gets Rave Reviews – via 

Premise: The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia has re-branded itself through social media efforts.  There are flat screens in the lobby that stream Instagram photos with the hashtag “#1888Hotel”.  The hotel is also offering up free rooms to Instagram users that have over 10K followers and using their branded hashtag.

Thoughts: I found this to be one of the more creative ways to use Instagram that I’ve ever seen or read about.  This builds engagement and looks like it could/should also drive stronger loyalty.  Then, later on in the article, the writer points out that the 1888 Hotel doesn’t have an Instagram account.  #Fail.  I’m not sure how that happens or why they wouldn’t have an Instagram account, at the very least to re-share the photos that others are sharing, using it as part of the promotional efforts, having others vote on the monthly winner, etc.  We’ll see if they adapt the program over time to make it that much better. [Read more…]

Brand in Focus – Old Spice

Due to our poll results, the first Brand in Focus write-up for Shore Branding will be on Old Spice.  From time to time we’ll be focusing on a brand or company that is producing quality branding material online/offline and building engagement with consumers.  We will dig a little deeper into those efforts to see what helped drive the brand forward and compare them across social media platforms.

Approximately ten years ago Old Spice had just begun to turn the corner and away from its archaic image as an after shave and cologne exclusive business.  After acquiring Old Spice in 1990, P&G struggled to move the needle and change the image of the brand to attract new users and a younger demographic.  P&G started to stretch the Old Spice name into the deodorant category and has since moved it further into the body spray and body wash markets.

These brand extensions have helped grow the brand and its user base, but it wasn’t exclusively because of moving into the right category at the right time.  Old Spice has done a terrific job with their online / digital marketing and has completely shifted the image from your grandfather’s cologne to a hip/young/cool persona.  How and where did the brand do this?  Let’s take a look: [Read more…]

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 5-19-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing


This week’s ‘Sunday Musings’ are ready to go, bringing you the top five stories in branding and digital marketing.

#1 – Everything announced at the Google I/O 2013 keynote in one handy list –

Premise: Google’s I/O conference was held this week and The Next Web created a laundry list of announcements the tech giant made during its keynote speech.  Beyond the Android numbers and updates/upgrades for developers, there were also a number of updates to many of Google’s products this week.

Thoughts: Rather than run down the plethora of announcements, this article was a nice, quick summary of everything announced at the keynote.  These conferences are always exciting because I know a number of great updates are forthcoming for my devices.  Particular items that caught my attention:

  • Google Play Music announcing a monthly subscription fee for unlimited music
  • A number of updates to Google+, which does have a Pinterest feel to it after logging in after the update was pushed to the site
  • Hangouts, the new messaging service, replaces Talk and was pushed out to my devices on Friday
  • 15GB’s of free storage for pictures, etc. on Google
  • All attendees received a Chromebook Pixel which retails for ~$1,500! [Read more…]