Most Influential Reading – Book Review Part 1

What's on your bookshelf?

What’s on your bookshelf?

Since the early 2000’s I have really enjoyed reading business-related books and novels on brand building, digital marketing, and the occasional book that gets your mind thinking in many different directions (e.g. Freaknomics and most of Malcolm Gladwell’s work).  With a focus on the former two subjects, here are my current favorites in rank-order.  I had a hard time narrowing this down to a smaller number, so we’re going to break this up into two entries.  The first will focus on numbers 4-6.  Next Wednesday, I’ll finish the book review with the top three.

Below I have included a link to the online reviews on Amazon within the title of the book itself.  I’ve also provided a link to a respective page for each author (Twitter feed, own home page) for those that may be interested.

#6 – “Engage!” – by Brian Solis

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Shore Branding


What is Shore Branding?

Welcome to Shore Branding – a brand and digital marketing consulting site started with one goal in mind; helping business owners strengthen their market positioning and optimizing their strategies and engagement levels with (potential) consumers. Shore Branding will leverage both a scientific, data driven approach with common sense realities that many struggle to bring to market.

Whether you are a small business owner or an established brand or business, Shore Branding’s consultative approach will help you better understand your current strengths and weaknesses. This approach looks to build strategic partnerships and long-term relationships.

For small business owners, Shore Branding will partner with you and provide a full top to bottom analysis on past, present, and future strategy in building a more successful business. This includes, but is not limited to; brand building, marketing, PR, and digital strategy. Whether you are just getting started or looking to tweak your communication with clients and consumers, Shore Branding will help you build a winning, go to market strategy.

Why did Shore Branding come to exist?

Brands and firms have made mistake after mistake in building, or trying to build consumer engagement, particularly among their own users and buyers. Why? When you have someone that is willing and compelled to your brand/business for one reason or another, why would you not give them the utmost attention and ensure that they stay with you? This remains a mystery.

At the same time, along came this life changing “thing” called the Internet. While the web continues to evolve, brands and businesses continue to find new ways to turn off their customers. New businesses struggle to find the appropriate strategy in digital, believing that as long as they have a page on every new, up and coming web site, they have their business covered. Wrong! Pick and choose your battles and when you pick them, engage with your (potential) consumers and make a connection with them. Give them a reason to keep coming back.

This is by no means groundbreaking material here. However, it is amazing to see just how many brands and companies can’t do this correctly. Shore Branding is now here to help!

What’s next for Shore Branding?

Our goal is to help business build levels of trust and engagement with new and existing consumers. Continue to check back on the page to see our latest thoughts and ideas in building your consumer base. Beyond our own thoughts, the blog will be updated each weekend with musings and links focused on branding, digital, and/or marketing strategy. We hope you stick around for the ride.

If you would like to talk about your own businesses needs or strategy, or you believe Shore Branding can help you get through a particular business issue / time crunch, please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation via e-mail or via phone at 732-970-4237. Thank you!