Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 3-31-13

Sunday Musings 3

Here are this week’s ‘Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding’ – the top five stories in branding and digital marketing from the past seven days.  As always, you can find the archives of this weekly write-up under the Blog-Sunday Musings tab at the top of the page.

#1 – Twitter Forecast Up After Strong Mobile Showing – 

Premise: eMarketer adjusts their estimates on the amount of ad revenue Twitter will generate in 2013 and 2014.  They now believe Twitter will raise almost $600 million in 2013 and just short of $1 billion in 2014.  They suggest that more than half of their ad revenue will come from mobile advertising, which is incredible given that amount was $0 in 2011.  The vast majority of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from the US.  However, this percentage is decreasing over time; 90% in 2012, ~83% in 2013 and projects lower in the future.

Thoughts: If you haven’t noticed by now, I believe Twitter is the most powerful mechanism on the web.  Micro-blogging is incredibly powerful.  While Facebook seems to be struggling to get their mobile strategy deployed, you consistently see stories like this from eMarketer on Twitter and its projected growth areas in the future.

#2 – “Brand Positioning: The Art & Science” – Brad VanAuken via 

Premise: What is the importance of brand positioning and how do you do it?  This write-up is a great starting point for you if you are looking to (re-)position your brand or company.  The author takes you through a number of steps/recommendations on how to appropriately position your brand, starting with conducting research, delivering and defining several key components, and finally, explaining what a good brand position would be / stand for.

Thoughts: After reading this article, I started to click around on the site and found a lot of great, branding-related material.  In fact, I’ve already gone ahead and added the site to the Recommended Reading column on the home page.  This is a great summary on/for brand positioning.  If you can’t answer these questions or aren’t sure how you would respond to defining the key components they have laid out here, take a timeout and make sure you do that first before taking any more steps forward with your brand or company.  

#3 – “Klout Users Can Now Add Bing To Their Account And Include Instagram In Their Score” –

Premise: Earlier this week, Klout announced that it will further integrate users’ Instagram and Bing accounts in their influence scoring.  This is the first time that Klout is being integrated with a search engine.  While Instagram users were able to add their account to their Klout score already, their activities and usage will now be part of the equation.

Thoughts: If you aren’t aware of what Klout is or does, it is simply a web site that measures one’s overall influence via the reaction, feedback, and/or interaction one has across a number of social media platforms.  Users can sync their accounts through Klout and they will calculate their influence score on a scale of 0-100, with the higher the score being stronger/better.

It is a little surprising to see Instagram just now taking this step with Klout, as I would have assumed that process would have been transitioned quickly after Facebook purchased the photo sharing site.

#4 – “Twitter’s Vine Bears Fruitful Branding Opportunities” – 

Premise: As Vine continues its growth, it is providing marketers with new options in how to better brand themselves or their companies, build stronger engagement with consumers, and drive loyalty.  There is also a link here for the site “Brands on Vine” which is capturing some of the best work being done by companies right now through Vine.

Thoughts: I continue to be fascinated by the way companies and everyday people are leveraging Vine, while continuing to implore Twitter to release a version in Google Play!  The article takes a branding angle on how companies are beginning to leverage the site.  Definitely take a look at when you get a chance – a lot of good video on there from a wide array of companies.

#5 – “LinkedIn Is Getting Smarter With Enhanced Search Features & Improved Query Results” –

Premise: LinkedIn started off the week with an announcement that it was making a number of enhancements to its site, including their search features.  The “unified search” will list out people, companies, etc. all in one page after a user’s search.  The algorithm has been upgraded, but so has the look and feel of the page.

Thoughts: It is pretty safe to say that LinkedIn is the gold star in tech IPO’s since going public in May of 2011.  They continue to rollout improvements for users, but they are also improving their own positioning for building future revenue through the data and information they are collecting.

What caught your eye in branding and digital marketing news this week?

For those celebrating today, Happy Easter!