Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 5-19-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing


This week’s ‘Sunday Musings’ are ready to go, bringing you the top five stories in branding and digital marketing.

#1 – Everything announced at the Google I/O 2013 keynote in one handy list –

Premise: Google’s I/O conference was held this week and The Next Web created a laundry list of announcements the tech giant made during its keynote speech.  Beyond the Android numbers and updates/upgrades for developers, there were also a number of updates to many of Google’s products this week.

Thoughts: Rather than run down the plethora of announcements, this article was a nice, quick summary of everything announced at the keynote.  These conferences are always exciting because I know a number of great updates are forthcoming for my devices.  Particular items that caught my attention:

  • Google Play Music announcing a monthly subscription fee for unlimited music
  • A number of updates to Google+, which does have a Pinterest feel to it after logging in after the update was pushed to the site
  • Hangouts, the new messaging service, replaces Talk and was pushed out to my devices on Friday
  • 15GB’s of free storage for pictures, etc. on Google
  • All attendees received a Chromebook Pixel which retails for ~$1,500! [Read more…]