Guest Writer Wanted!

Want to write a "Tips" article on Yelp or Instagram?

Want to write a “Tips” article on Yelp or Instagram?

Towards the end of the summer I referenced that several changes would be happening here at and this is one of those items/announcements.  I am looking for a guest writer/blogger to help out with a few digital marketing write-ups.  I have two in mind specifically, but am more than open if someone also had thoughts/ideas of their own and wanted to leverage this site as a platform.

What I am looking for specifically is for someone to write a “Tips” article for Yelp and/or Instagram.  To be perfectly honest, I do not use these sites nearly enough (Yelp) or at all (Instagram) and any type of tips article written by me would be a disservice.  There isn’t a rule or set number of tips that need to be included in the write-up, but I would expect more than a handful for each.  For reference, here are our past “Tips” write-ups on other social networks/platforms. [Read more…]

Understanding the New Facebook Insights

If you haven’t already, in the very near future you will start to see the new Facebook Insights tabs available for the Pages you run.  We picked up the new tools last week and wanted to take you through a look at the tabs and the information that Facebook will be providing page owners, while also sharing some of our initial thoughts.  Overall, there looks to be a much greater amount of data available to page owners.  Here is what you will be able to find if you run a Facebook Fan Page.


From the first picture below, you’ll find that the general overview will provide a 7 day summary of activity on your page.  You’ll see the total number of page likes, how many people your posts are reaching, and the level of engagement each post drives.  Facebook has cleaned up the way they show/illustrate Reach and Engagement metrics and I think it is much more visually appealing. [Read more…]

New Poll: Branding-related Book Review

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Two of the first blog entries earlier this year referenced several of our favorite branding and digital marketing-related books that I have read in the past (Part 1 and Part 2).  Since then, there has been a dramatic shift from reading books and novels to reading RSS feeds and links.  In an effort to balance this out a bit, you will find a new poll on the Shore Branding page to help select the next book I sit down with.

After searching for a few minutes on more recent write-ups that focused specifically on branding, I have decided to narrow the field down to these five books.  The hyperlinks below will take you to each book’s page for a brief description/summary of each. [Read more…]

Brands Winning on Vine

Brands winning on Vine

Brands winning on Vine

Since being acquired by Twitter in late 2012 and subsequently rolled out to the masses in early 2013, Vine has caught fire on the digital marketing front, forcing copycats to rethink their strategy in the world of micro-video creation and video sharing across social media platforms.

It hasn’t taken long for brands and agencies to pick up on the platform and turn it into another medium to create / develop a stronger connection with (potential) consumers and drive a strong branding message to the masses.  While we have briefly touched on Vine’s success across a number of Sunday Musings’ entries, let’s focus on the site in more detail and take a look at what brands are winning on Vine. [Read more…]

Eight Tips When Leveraging Google+ for Your Brand

Eight tips when leveraging Google+ for your brand

Eight tips when leveraging Google+ for your brand

The next social media site in focus here at Shore Branding is Google+ and how to best leverage the site to drive your brand/business forward on the platform.

In June of 2011, Google launched G+ via invitation only / beta testing and I was immediately yearning for said invitation.  After receiving an invite and setting up a personal account, I quickly realized how powerful the site/network could be.  Just over two years later, and Google+ has grown to become the second largest social media site in the world, behind only Facebook.

While many are/were hesitant to join G+, there is plenty of evidence to the benefits it can or does provide.  Here are eight tips when leveraging Google+ for your brand: [Read more…]

Brand in Focus – Old Spice

Due to our poll results, the first Brand in Focus write-up for Shore Branding will be on Old Spice.  From time to time we’ll be focusing on a brand or company that is producing quality branding material online/offline and building engagement with consumers.  We will dig a little deeper into those efforts to see what helped drive the brand forward and compare them across social media platforms.

Approximately ten years ago Old Spice had just begun to turn the corner and away from its archaic image as an after shave and cologne exclusive business.  After acquiring Old Spice in 1990, P&G struggled to move the needle and change the image of the brand to attract new users and a younger demographic.  P&G started to stretch the Old Spice name into the deodorant category and has since moved it further into the body spray and body wash markets.

These brand extensions have helped grow the brand and its user base, but it wasn’t exclusively because of moving into the right category at the right time.  Old Spice has done a terrific job with their online / digital marketing and has completely shifted the image from your grandfather’s cologne to a hip/young/cool persona.  How and where did the brand do this?  Let’s take a look: [Read more…]

Eleven Tips When Leveraging Twitter for Your Brand

Eleven Tips When Leveraging Twitter for Your Brand

Eleven Tips When Leveraging Twitter for Your Brand


Building off of our original “Tips” write-up that focused on how to best leverage Facebook, here is our second social media site in focus – how to best leverage Twitter to promote your brand and/or business.

For those that may be unfamiliar with the Shore Branding site and our commentary throughout many of the Sunday Musings entries, Twitter is a personal favorite in terms of getting your brand/message out there, but also in overall usage.  The Twitter explosion has, quite honestly, changed the world.  When breaking news occurs, do you find yourself going to Twitter just as much as or more often than turning the channel on your television?  I certainly do.  I feel like I get better information and it is available instantaneously.

Without further ado, here are eleven tips when leveraging Twitter for your brand. [Read more…]

Ten Tips When Leveraging Facebook for Your Brand


Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing on several of the most commonly used social media sites out there and providing recommendations on how to better leverage them to promote your brand and/or business.

Given the results from the first poll on our site, Facebook will be the first platform that we focus on.  This may not be too much of a surprise given the sheer size of Facebook – reporting over 1 billion monthly active users in Q1’13 earlier this week.  Without further ado, here are ten recommendations to consider when using Facebook Pages: [Read more…]

Shore Branding’s NCAA Tournament Pool


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Shore Branding’s NCAA Tournament Pool!  The rules are very simple: fill in a bracket and watch the results unfold to see if you win at the end of the NCAA tournament.  Games start on Thursday, 3/21 and continue all the way to Monday, 4/8.

Entries are free!  You do not have to do anything else beyond signing up.  The winner will receive $50 via PayPal from Shore Branding!  There is a limit of one entry per person.

You can sign up here and follow the instructions.  If you have any questions at all, please just ask below in the comments or send me an email: john [at]

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone and everyone that you think might be interested in joining.

Thanks and good luck!


Most Influential Reading – Book Review Part 2

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Building off of last week’s article on some of my favorite books that cover branding and digital marketing-related topics/issues, here are my top three all-time favorites to conclude the book review.

Similar to the earlier reviews, below I have included a link to the online reviews on Amazon within the title of the book itself.  I’ve also provided a link to a respective page for each author (Twitter feed, own home page) for those that may be interested.

#3 – “Six Pixels of Separation” – by Mitch Joel

Brief Summary: [Read more…]