Pin of the Month – Building Stronger B2B Relationships

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7 Subtle Yet Powerful Ways to Build Stronger B2B Relationships

Via Salesforce


Our first “Pin of the Month” of 2016 was passed to me via email and is from Salesforce Canada.  Continuing with a little bit of focus on Customer Experience (CX) and the power it has, or can have, for your brand, I thought this was a timely infographic.  You can find a full write-up on the power of building stronger B2B relationships in the corresponding write-up.  

There is a cultural shift towards building a stronger overall experience with customers.  I truly started buying into this after listening to Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, while in the middle of making the largest investment in the show’s history (at that time).  

That segues nicely into this infographic that builds out the power behind a customer’s experience, the support you put behind them, and more.  While there tends to be a focus on building new business, retaining your current customers and making them happy must be a key business strategy.  

I found the middle section of this infographic particularly informative, regarding the idea of building a customer advisory board.  Selecting a group of customers to bounce ideas off of, gather feedback, and generally show that you care, are powerful ways to empower your customer while also collecting valuable feedback on what is working and what might need improvement for your brand or business.  

What are you doing to focus on your current customers?  Are you seeing a shift or desire from customers to improve your brand’s overall experience?  Let us know in the comments below or drop me an email at  

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