Loyalty to Brands – Samsung

Samsung (Photo credit: KiddsKids.com)

Samsung (Photo credit: KiddsKids.com)

With more than a just a slight hint in last weekend’s #SundayMusings, we walked into our latest “Loyalty to Brands” here on Shore Branding.  Founded almost 80 years ago, Samsung has become a dominant force in consumer electronics over the past two decades.  From its rapid growth in equipment and partners in mobile devices to its continued production of highly regarded TV’s, Samsung continues to become a more prevalent brand in and around our household.

How or where did my loyalty to Samsung start?  About a decade ago I led a research project on consumer perceptions of various TV’s and somewhat to my surprise, Samsung was a near dominant player in satisfaction and several forward-thinking attributes.  That caught my eye as I was in the market for a new TV for my house.  Since purchasing that 46” LED flatscreen TV and being completely satisfied with the product, it has been a growing loyalty with Samsung.

After moving from Blackberry to Android many years ago for my mobile device, I have also pivoted over to Samsung phones (Galaxy S5) given the appeal of “The Next Big Thing” campaigns and its own ability to churn throughh their product lineup and still be relevant throughout.

Samsung's "The Next Big Thing" campaign has helped build my loyalty

Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” campaign has helped build my loyalty

Over the past handful of years and as I have become more engaged in the tech space, Samsung has continued to be a safe brand to include in the consideration set.  The overall style of their products looks and feels modern.  The quality is certainly there in my opinion.  The comfort level with their system and “how to” on electronic devices is a nice, safe way to transition/upgrade from one device to the next.

That increased comfort level with Samsung has driven the following purchases – links below for the latter two items are the product reviews put together here on Shore Branding:

  1. Samsung Ultrabook w/ Windows 8
  2. Samsung Chromebook 2
  3. Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch

Where do we head from here?  

Well, given last week’s #SundayMusings and all of the links from CES, a new TV for our living room is drawing near.  From there … knowing how rapid change occurs in mobile, I’m sure a new mobile phone will be occurring at some point a few years from now.  While my Nexus 7 tablet remains useful, I do have one eye on what’s next from both Google’s Nexus and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series.  I’m not ready for an upgrade yet, but it’s coming.  Samsung has also entered my consideration set as we upgrade our household appliances.  While there hasn’t been a purchase in this category yet linked to Samsung, it may not be far away either.

Do you have a preferred electronics brand?  If you prefer a brand over Samsung, which is it and why?  Let me know in the Comments below.

As mentioned in the past, if you have a brand or service that you consider yourself loyal to and are interested in guest blogging on Shore Branding, please do reach out and let me know via the Comments section below or through the Contact page.  Thanks!