Pin of the Month – Thanksgiving

November's "Pin of the Month" - Thanksgiving Football. Help #SaveThanksgiving Infographic by: StatoGraphics

November’s “Pin of the Month” – Thanksgiving Football. Help #SaveThanksgiving
Infographic by: StatoGraphics

Did you really have any doubt that our “Pin of the Month” for November would have something to do with Thanksgiving.  Our #SaveThanksgiving efforts are once again in full swing this month.  However, we’re focusing on Thanksgiving football with November’s “Pin of the Month”, created by Statographics.

The tradition of Thanksgiving football has lived in our homes since 1920.  This infographic provides an in-depth look at that history, providing key dates for the 95 year tradition.  Sidenote: I wonder what type of plans the NFL will put into place when we celebrate a century of Thanksgiving Day games.  Hopefully, it does not include putting more games on during the holiday itself … although it probably will.

A few items within the infographic were newsworthy for me:

  • The only time the NFL has not played on Thanksgiving Day since 1920 was from 1941-1944 due to World War II.
  • The Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day since 1935.  The Dallas Cowboys didn’t start playing on the holiday until 1966 – that was surprising to me.
  • The last two expansion teams – the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers – are the only teams to have have never played on Thanksgiving Day.

While the NFL continues to drive me further and further away from being a loyal fan due to focusing on the almighty dollar vs. the fan experience, it is a Thanksgiving tradition to watch the the Cowboys and Lions each and every year.

For those unfamiliar with our “Pin of the Month”, every month we post one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it our “Pin of the Month”.  If you have an infographic that you would like to promote here on Shore Branding, just let us know.  Thanks!

As you may also know, our #SaveThanksgiving efforts can be found on  If you have a story to share on what the holiday means to you, please do send it our way so that we can post it on the site.  On the site you will also find an online food drive through Feeding America, an online petition to #SaveThanksgiving and a lot more Thanksgiving Fun!