New Poll – What wearables are you planning to purchase in 2014?

What wearables will you be purchasing in 2014? (Photo credit:

What wearables will you be purchasing in 2014? (Photo credit:

Wearables are beginning to turn the corner in terms of consumer acceptance and adoption. The latest poll on builds off of yesterday’s #SundayMusings and asks which wearable devices are you thinking about purchasing in 2014?

We have selected several of the most popular wearables for the poll but have also included a general “Other” for the many others that continue to pop up. Whether you are focusing on a smart band to track your physical fitness, or taking a step up to a full smartwatch … or even Google Glass, let us know what wearable devices are grabbing your attention and which you are most likely to purchase this year.

So which item, or items, are you going to purchase? You can choose from the iWatch, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, LG’s G Watch, Nike FuelBand, Adidas Fit Band, and/or Google Glass. For those interested, let us know why you have selected the device you have.

Personally, I don’t see myself getting a smartwatch at this time. If Google Glass were to become more affordable down the road that is probably the wearable device I would most likely look to purchase.

Below is a presentation from SXSW regarding wearables that I found to be of interest.

Thanks for taking the time to vote! For more on wearables, you can keep an eye on our “Technology” Pinterest board.