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The next in our series of “Loyalty to Brands” focuses on a brand that I’ve been loyal to since my late teenage years, the automaker Honda. What started off as a friend’s recommendation in college has wound up lasting 15+ years and four vehicles. Building off of last week’s #SundayMusings we are continuing the focus on the auto industry this weekend.

Needing a new car for my summer vacation and to get to and from work, a simple recommendation from a friend sent me on my way to a Honda dealership. Given the need for a car with strong MPG and having little need for more room, it was an easy decision to go with the Honda Civic. Fast forward several years and the fact that my brother needed a car, I “upgraded” to my first Honda Accord and gave him the Civic.

It was here that my true loyalty to Honda was created. At the dealership (Coast Honda) I quickly realized that one of the salesmen was the father of a fraternity brother of mine. This made the purchase process that much easier for everyone involved. I walked away with a 2002 Honda Accord and that car lasted about 8 years and 125,000 miles.

After hitting that threshold it was time to make a decision, put more than regular maintenance into the car for the foreseeable future or purchase a new car. I went with the latter and went right back to Coast Honda for the sale. This Accord will likely remain with the family until it is time to upgrade … and if it isn’t another Accord in my future, it will more than likely be the CRV SUV.

Aside from the fantastic customer service I receive specifically at Coast Honda, there are a number of additional reasons that I love Honda’s cars:

  1. Reliability
  2. Gas mileage
  3. Style (internal and external)
  4. Price/Value
  5. Storage room
  6. Safety features

Cars tend to bring out a lot of emotion in some people. I’m not one of them. I want a vehicle that I can rely on to get me from point A to point B and one that doesn’t need to be in the shop every month. Honda’s vehicles have been doing this for me for the better part of 15 years. It would take quite a lot to get me to move to another automobile manufacturer (read: free car or an abysmal drop-off from Honda over the coming years).

Are you loyal to a particular automaker? If so, which one? My recommendation would be to take a look across Honda’s portfolio to see if there is a vehicle for you …

Which Honda is right for you?  Take a look on Honda.com

Which Honda is right for you? Take a look on Honda.com

If you have a brand or service that you consider yourself loyal to and are interested in guest blogging on ShoreBranding.com, please do reach out and let me know via the Comments section below or through the Contact page. You can find our other “Loyalty to Brands” write-ups here.