Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 5-11-14

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

This week’s #SundayMusings was decided as soon as we received the following email from Pinterest …

Being featured on Pinterest = Awesome!

Being featured on Pinterest = Awesome!


With that, here are the stories that caught my attention over the past few weeks that related to Pinterest – branding on the site, Pinterest marketing, etc.

#1 – Four Examples of Businesses Using Pinterest (And Why They Are Good) – via 

Premise: Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks and is a great marketing tool for businesses. The author provides us with four brands/companies that are using the network effectively, including Whole Foods and Sony.

Thoughts: Whole Foods does a great job bringing the visual appeal of so many different topics on their Pinterest page – with 59 boards at the time of this write-up. This includes a number of group boards (we’ll get there in a few minutes) where other users can add images to the board itself.

Note the use of #FoodThanks on one of their boards, immediately giving me the idea to turn our #SaveThanksgiving board into a group page. If you would like an invitation to post your favorite Thanksgiving memories, recipes, etc. on this board, please just let me know.

#2 – “Creating Content Pinterest Users Will Love” – via 

Premise: Pinterest is a platform that any blogger can use to help build their audience and reach. Jeni Elliott provides context to help you grow your viewership via Pinterest with providing insight as to what users are looking for. Beyond her “Guiding principle” of “Be Useful”, Jeni provides us with nine ways to bring your audience from Pinterest over to your blog.

Thoughts: The Shore Branding Pinterest page tends to focus on a few of these tips – being a resource for readers, which includes advice across social media networks, and providing seasonal content. I quickly noticed on Jeni’s Pinterest page that she does not have a Thanksgiving board, but has a number of other holidays. (We’ll need to work on that.)

All in all, the tips provided here should help bring you a strong audience on Pinterest, but also help move many of these viewers over to your blog.

#3 – “8 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand” via  

Premise: Many people have yet to realize how to leverage Pinterest to promote your brand. It is a way for brands to build stronger relationships with your consumer base. The author provides eight tips on how you can potentially build your brand through the network.

Thoughts: Beyond the first tip of “Support your community” which we’ve discussed in the above write-ups a bit, there are two tips in this write-up that I would highly suggest you consider in your Pinterest marketing efforts – #4 “Use customer’s stories” and #5 “Behind the scenes”. Let others do some of the dirty work for you, particularly your brand ambassadors – those that will fight for you and your brand every step of the way. I also really like the idea of providing a unique perspective/POV with some behind the scenes information for your customers. This gives them an inside look at what might go on at your business and help them feel a little bit more connected to you and the brand.

#4 – “How To Use Pinterest’s Group Boards To Get More Exposure For Your Business” via 

Premise: Pinterest continues to grow and evolve over time. The author believes that along with scheduling your pins, using group boards is one of the most effective tools available on the network to help you build your audience. The only difference between a group board and a regular board is that others are allowed to pin on the board. The board’s owner simply invites others to join the group board.

The author then goes into several key benefits of using group boards, how businesses can use them, and a step by step guide on how to add (or remove) pinners from contributing to a group board.

Thoughts: I have to agree with the author’s take on the key benefits of leveraging a group board on Pinterest. While you will need to monitor what contributors are putting on the board itself, it does help you build a stronger audience for you. The various ways to use group boards is no different than many other tools and techniques across networks, but it brings a bit of uniqueness for Pinterest in that others are making contributions directly.

Adding and deleting contributors is incredibly easy on the network, but keep this as a resource in case you are getting tripped up. The write-up provides several items to keep an eye on when thinking about leveraging Pinterest for your digital marketing.

#5 – “Don’t Tell Me You Can’t Get Blog Traffic From Pinterest” via  

Premise: The author decided to test her own theory on the power of Pinterest, releasing an article on Easter Sunday and sharing it on Pinterest and other social networks. Pinterest wound up being the strongest source of hits for the article on the holiday.

Thoughts: I’ve received similar looks and thoughts when suggesting others consider using Pinterest, so this article felt very appropriate to use and provide other concrete evidence to the benefits of using the site.

Are you using Pinterest to promote your brand/business? What impact have you seen thus far? If you aren’t on Pinterest, have these articles changed your opinions at all? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Tweet of the Week:

The tweet and article above from was shared by several accounts that I follow on Twitter so this won ‘Tweet of the Week’ for showing up several times in my newsfeed. Here you will find more tips and recommendations on getting more out of Pinterest and growing your audience.

Separately, here is a SlideShare that is fitting for this week’s #SundayMusings. The following takes a look at various branding efforts being made on Pinterest, including how Oreo was one of the first brands to embrace the platform.


Hope you enjoyed the latest #SundayMusings! For more on Pinterest check out our “Tips” article from the beginning of the year.