Pin of the Month – Smartphone Revolution (Guest Writer)

For May’s “Pin of the Month” we have a guest writer to provide their thoughts and insights on the “smartphone revolution”. Dean Olsen volunteered his writing services for this month’s Pin. If you enjoy his write-up, you can find more of his thoughts on his writing portfolio – Observations by Olsen

In modern times, you would be hard pressed to find anyone without some kind of smartphone device.  Actually, according to this infographic, there may even come a day where there are more smartphones than people.

Smartphone Revolution - Infographic from

Smartphone Revolution – Infographic from

Some are even calling it a smartphone revolution! The mobile market is literally changing the way people interact and do business. Word-of-mouth and the written word are becoming a thing of the past, as mobile phones offer instant access to information.

In the recent years, smartphone usage has increased tremendously, with more new apps and features being released each day. It seems that the smartphone revolution is on the rise, and there is no stopping it.

For businesses, this means that they also need to get behind the revolution or fear getting left in the marketing dust. Strategies need to be changed to fit in with what’s hot in the eyes of consumers; and right now, that’s smartphones. People are surfing the net on their mobile phones, shopping, and even banking directly from the palm of their hands.

Need more convincing? This infographic, provided by shows the cold hard facts about this smartphone revolution. It clearly shows that things are changing, and what direction they are moving in. For businesses that don’t choose to get on board, they may very well be left in the dust.


I want to thank Dean for volunteering his writing services for this month’s “Pin of the Month”. Again, if you like what you have seen, you can take a look at his writing portfolio at Observations by Olsen. We have spent a good amount of time discussing various components of “mobile” and hope you continue to consider mobile as part of your marketing efforts given its continued growth.

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