New Poll – Will your brand spend money on mobile ads this year?

Are you budgeting for mobile advertising in 2014?

Are you budgeting for mobile advertising in 2014?  (


As witnessed in our May 2014 “Pin of the Month”, mobile and smartphone ownership and usage continue to grow. It seems like every few months, if not weeks, we are spending more time focusing on mobile-related stories in our Sunday Musings (including this coming weekend).

So our latest poll on is simple – will you be spending any portion of your marketing budget specifically on mobile? A simple “Yes” or “No” is all it takes. It doesn’t matter where – whether it be on social media apps, location-based services or companies, or anywhere in between.

After voting, please feel free to expand on your thoughts on where you will be putting your resources and why, or conversely, why you have decided to not invest in mobile at this time. I would be particularly interested to hear the later.

For those interested in more information on the power of mobile advertising, take a look at this SlideShare that takes you through several myths and facts on the topic:


Thanks for taking the time to vote! Keep an eye on the blog for the most recent information on mobile and mobile advertising. You can also follow our Mobile Pinterest board.