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Google Maps infographic by

Google Maps infographic by


The ‘Pin of the Month’ for April 2014 is one that was actually sent my way by Louann Fadrik of  This ties in nicely with one of the recent themes written about here on – my personal loyalty to Google’s products.  This month’s ‘Pin of the Month’ focuses specifically on Google Maps and how it is changing location-based data and business.

At the top of the infographic we see the future of location-based data and what many believe the future holds for us.  “Location awareness will be built into everything” and I find it hard to argue with that (just take a look at the stories from our mobile marketing-focused #SundayMusings from a few weeks ago).  Google Maps will likely be the backbone to much of this given their strength and market share of its API.

The part that I find most fascinating in this infographic is the section on the “Components of Google Maps” and how Trekker actually works.  The amount of data that they are collecting and piecing together on a day basis is, frankly, amazing.  I’m even more interested to see what Google does with Waze now after digesting this.

After taking you through a timeline of events at Google, the infographic provides us with a peek into what companies are built on Google Maps API, including Uber, Airbnb, and thousands more.  Google’s success led to the launch of OpenStreetMaps, which has been adopted by, among others, Apple and Foursquare.  As they say, innovation typically drives growth and that is what Google Maps seems to be doing for location-based business.

I want to take a second to thank Louann for reaching out to me directly.  She saw my articles on Google and thought I might be interested in this and was absolutely correct.

For those unfamiliar with our Pin of the Month, each month we’ll be posting one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. that we typically find on our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in a blog write-up.  Follow Shore Branding on Pinterest for frequent updates across branding and digital-related information and infographics.