St. Patrick’s Day Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 3-16-14


Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding - St. Patrick's Day Edition (Photo credit:

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – St. Patrick’s Day Edition
(Photo credit:


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!  Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day!  This weekend’s #SundayMusings w/ Shore Branding will focus on headlines that tie into the holiday.  Hope you enjoy!

#1 – How Irish Brands Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day – via 

Premise: This write-up is actually a summary of several St. Patrick’s Day promotions that were run for the holiday last year.  Baileys ran a contest for fans to send in their “Kiss me, I’m Irish” portraits for a chance to win a Baileys t-shirt.  Jameson and Guinness looked to celebrate with their fans, with Guinness breaking a world record for the “Largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration due to the power of social media.

Thoughts: Before we move forward, we decided to take a look back at several of last year’s holiday campaigns.  What caught my attention on this write-up is the analytics tools were using to measure reach and engagement levels for the brands.  Take a look at the fun-facts under the Guinness write-up.  That’s quite a lot of Guinness being consumed! (For those unaware, our first ‘Pin of the Month’ was done one year ago and focused on Guinness!)

#2 – “Aerva To Post Selfies On St. Patrick’s Day” – via    

Premise: Aerva, an ad tech company, will take submitted selfies and post them in Times Square as part of their “Show us your Irish-ness” campaign.  You can send in your picture on Twitter or via email.  Once shared in Times Square, each person will receive a commemorative of the selfie in Times Square.

Thoughts: Certainly an interesting idea to generate a little buzz for Aerva.  However, as noted at the end of the article, it looks like brands have been hesitant to jump onboard.  The commemorative element does make it seem worthwhile if you are OK with your face being planted in Times Square.

Is anyone considering doing this?

#3 – “5 Credit Unions with St. Patrick’s Day Promos” via  

Premise: Even credit unions are getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit?!  In Tampa, Grow Financial Credit Union is partnering with the city and sponsoring the annual “Mayor’s River O’Green” celebration.  They will have a tent, photo booth, and giveaways at the community event to help build awareness.  Other credit unions from around the country have found ways to promote their business, but also give back to their respective communities with holiday tie-ins.

Thoughts: This certainly wasn’t the first (or tenth) industry I would have thought of for partaking in the holiday celebrations.  I don’t use credit unions but those that do seem to sing their praises relative to community banks.

While somewhat of a limited audience (3K or so) I like what Grow Financial Credit Union is doing, even creating their own hashtag for the event (#moreinreturn).  I also liked what SunWest Federal Credit Union did in selling paper shamrocks as a fundraiser for muscular dystrophy.

#4 – “More Important to Success: Hard Work or Luck?” via Dave Kerpen on LinkedIn (CEO of Likeable Media)  

Premise: LinkedIn Influencer and CEO of Likeable Media, Dave Kerpen put together a write-up on the network asking whether it was better to be lucky or good in business.  Kerpen takes us through how the name ‘Likeable’ came along.  Sharing your story of “luck” in the comments section on the page makes you eligible for a copy of one of the Likeable books, while the company is also running a separate promotion on their web site for the holiday.

Thoughts: I always enjoy what Likeable puts out there on a consistent basis and they do more than their fair share of promotions and giveaways to its audience.

What would you consider your lucky break?

There are two that stand out for me.  First, as I was getting closer to graduating from college I still had no clue what I was looking to do in “the real world”.  I ran into an old friend who put me in touch with the right people and key dates for what turned out to be my first job … basically starting on my own terms (when I wanted to start working, etc.).  The second is being reached out to by the owner of a sports writing web site almost two years ago.  That really became the genesis of starting to blogging and gaining an audience.

#5 – “50 Years Later, General Mills’ Lucky Charms are Still Magically Delicious” via  

Premise: Tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day, Lucky Charms will officially celebrate its 50th anniversary.  While they have added a few ingredients over time, the leprechaun and their “magically delicious” tagline have remained the same and have stood the test of time.

As you might expect, there will be a few branding efforts to help celebrate the 50 years, including a new commercial, celebrity endorsement from Carlo’s Bakery, a contest on the brand’s Tumblr page and more.

Thoughts: You more or less have to like Lucky Charms’ advertising, or at least not admit to not liking it around St. Patrick’s Day, right?!  It looks like General Mills is going all out for the 50th anniversary of the cereal, integrating TV, new packaging, and social media contests for its fans.

Tweet of the Week:

Looking for a few recommendations for St. Patrick’s Day?  Well, this tweet and link will help get you started.  Do you and/or your family make a special meal for the holiday?  How do you celebrate the day?  Let us know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s festive headlines!  If you are out and about celebrating the holiday, remember that you can “replenish” your system with a half price cheeseburger at Sonic tomorrow!