Loyalty to Brands – Google


My loyalty to Google products continues ... (Photo credit: tirebusiness.com)

My loyalty to Google products continues …
(Photo credit: tirebusiness.com)

Welcome to a new series here on ShoreBranding.com called “Loyalty to Brands”.  As referenced in last week’s #SundayMusings, from time to time, we’ll be putting together a summary on the brands we are loyal to and why.  However, I would also like to open this up for guest writing opportunities as well – similar to what we did for our “Tips” series.  If you are loyal to a particular brand and interested in guest blogging, please let me know here in the Comments section below or through the Contact page.

Our first brand in focus may not be too surprising if you have been following the blog for the past year.  My strongest loyalty probably lies with Google.  Since converting over to Gmail as my preferred email system a handful or so years ago, it has been a growing affiliation with the brand.  My loyalty grew fivefold when I purchased the first Droid phone on Verizon.  I’ve since upgraded my phone several times and have been using the Galaxy Nexus for a couple of years.

When Google launches new products or services, I want in … immediately.  When they launched Google+, I scoured the internet looking for an invitation.  Once getting onto the platform, I knew my loyalty was going further north.  While we covered off on Tips for Google+, I wanted to provide a few benefits of the platform and why I love it:

  • Communities are a fantastic source of knowledge and information – whether you are looking for tips and tutorials, reading material, or just enjoying a conversation on like-minded people and subjects, there isn’t a better community/groups platform out there vs. G+.
  • Photos – The integration between your Android devices and G+ / Picasa is a powerful tool.  I never have to worry about losing photos or running out of storage because all photos taken are backed up on G+.  I also find photo editing to be extremely easy on G+.
  • We’ve used Hangouts in the past to talk to long distance friends and family and are extremely easy to set up and we never seem to have a problem with the service.

The fun doesn’t stop there either.  Google Drive has become an important platform for me as well – storing write-ups and documents for easy access when and where I want or need it.  Google Maps is light years ahead of any other mapping or navigation system out there.  YouTube watching/viewing continues to become more prevalent in my household – I’m really interested in seeing whether or not Larry Page and company can find a way to convince the NFL to put their product on YouTube (live).  Finally, the Chrome browser and Google Apps for Business simply make my life that much easier.  On the latter, I know I don’t use them as much as I could, but even the basics of Google Analytics and AdWords are easily accessible and easy to use.

As mentioned earlier, when new Google devices launch, it doesn’t take long to convince myself that I “need it”.  The original Nexus 7 remains my preferred tablet.  I will likely upgrade to a new version of the Nexus tablet eventually, but I need a little bit more in terms of upgrades before doing so.  When Google launched Chromecast, I couldn’t have purchased it any quicker.  While I have the original Roku connected to the same TV, the Chromecast is much more frequently leveraged for Netflix, Hulu, etc.  I would like to see more apps connected to the device in the near future, most specifically the major professional sports here in the US and the new WWE network.

If there is one preeminent Google product or service that I have yet to take full advantage of, it is definitely Google Wallet.  A large part of this is simply because of the lack of acceptance the platform has when checking out at retailers in the area.  I’ve connected to a few retailers and services, but have not really leveraged the app much at all.  If you are using Google Wallet, what do you think of it?

A second area that I’ve yet to get my hands on is Google Glass.  I’m interested in seeing how “wearable tech” nets out and whether Glass grows, the “smart watch” becomes the “it” thing, or if there is something still in the pipeline that wins in this arena.  If you are using Glass, what are you thoughts?

So there you have it, a strong loyalty to Google and the vast majority of its umbrella of products and services.  I don’t think I go a day without leveraging at least three Google products or services and I have no intention of switching to another provider.  In other words, Google = My Loyalty.

Again, if you have a brand or service that you consider yourself loyal to and are interested in guest blogging on this site, please do reach out and let me know.  Thanks!