Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 2-9-14

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

This week’s #SundayMusings w/ Shore Branding refocuses on branding and digital marketing and moves us away from news on the Super Bowl and its advertising.

#1 – Only Twitter TV Can Save Twitter – via 

Premise: Twitter held its first earnings report since going public last year and things are off to a rocky start.  The company reported a profit, despite posting a one-time, half-billion dollar loss for going public.  A major concern is the slow growth in total users, while CEO Dick Costolo also suggests that while Twitter has high awareness, engagement is not where it needs to be.

The author’s suggestion to help Twitter grow is to launch “Twitter TV”.  The idea is to have a steady flow of tweets across a number of popular categories (sports, celebrities, technology, etc.) and have related tweets under each channel on the Twitter home page vs. the basic sign-in screen, where only users see anything at all, and that is among the people that they follow.

Thoughts: This article quickly caught my attention, as I was under the impression the author was suggesting that Twitter should release its own TV platform, similar either to what Intel and others have tried to do, or similar to Apple TV and Chromecast.  I’m glad that isn’t the actual suggestion here and the author’s comments do make sense.  At the very least, this gives non-users the ability to see what Twitter is all about and the ability to look at news/tweets on the topics they are specifically interested in.

#2 – “Esurance Hands Out That $1.5 Million, Releases Mind-Boggling Stats From Twitter Stunt” – via    

Premise: A fantastic use of digital marketing from Esurance, who purchased the first ad slot after the Super Bowl for $1.5 million less than what it cost to advertise during the game itself.  Esurance’s campaign was to give that $1.5 million to someone that used the “#EsuranceSave30” hashtag on Twitter.  What ensued is an impressive outpouring of reach and impressions across social media and a spike in traffic to the Esurance web site itself.

Thoughts: What a way to leverage Twitter and the power of a hashtags to run a wildly successful digital / social media campaign by the company.  4.5 million people used the hashtag in the first 24 hours, and all of this created over 2.5 billion impressions on Twitter alone!  Kudos and congratulations to Esurance for coming up with an engaging campaign on the biggest night in TV history.

#3 – “CVS Brilliantly Encouraged People To Share Its Tobacco Story” via

Premise: Earlier this week, CVS announced that it would no longer sell tobacco products in its store by 10/1/14.  Beyond simply making the announcement itself, it encouraged others to share the story on social media and put together several steps to turn this announcement into a feel-good campaign / promotion for itself.  The pharmacy company built its own landing page ( that includes a plethora of information, including facts and figures, pictures, etc.

Thoughts: A second example this week of brand/company taking a little bit of time to think about a better way of getting their message out to the masses and allowing the power of social media to allow others to take care of most of the work.

#4 – “Foursquare Gets $15M And Licensing Deal From Microsoft To Power Location Context For Windows And Mobile” via  

Premise: Foursquare received additional funding from Microsoft, strengthening the relationship between the two companies, and giving more location-based data to Bing and Windows products.  Microsoft will be able to leverage Foursquare’s geo-based targeting system on its platforms and will provide users with notifications and stronger integration into Microsoft products and devices.

Thoughts: Foursquare continues to move further and further away from “mayors” and “badges” and deeper into ‘big data’ and the future of location-based services.  Pretty soon, your mobile device is going to be directing you where you want to go for dinner based on your prior input and preferences and where you are located.  That probably scares some people, but I think it is pretty awesome!

#5 – “Is Seattle’s Russell Wilson the Perfect Brand Ambassador? We’re About to Find Out” via  

Premise: The starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, stands to heavily benefit from last weekend’s Super Bowl result.  Wilson is a young QB and seems to have many of the attributes brands are looking for in a celebrity endorser.  Wilson already has deals with Nike, Levi’s, Alaska Air, and American Family Insurance … but expect this list to continue to grow as more brands find out more information about the type of person Wilson is and what he does on and, more importantly, off the field.

Thoughts: You didn’t really think we would miss one more opportunity to talk about the Seahawks victory in last weekend’s Super Bowl did you?  What a great victory!

Back to the article though, I wholeheartedly agree with the premise and will not be surprised when Wilson’s name and face are all over the TV in the coming weeks and months.  In just two seasons in Seattle, he has taken over the city and would almost definitely win in a landslide if he ran for office in the city or state.

Tweet of the Week:

We’re cheating here due to last week’s sports-geared write-up.  This tweet from Laura Ries is a great resource for all things branding-related and how/why your brand should “focus” in a particular area in order to win.  The link will take you to a PDF that offers up Ries’ prior writings and various consulting options that they are offering for brands.  I’ve read several of their writings and others are in the queue – this is certainly worth looking into for those interested in branding.

That’s it for this week’s #SundayMusings!  What caught your attention this week?