Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 1-19-14

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome to #SundayMusings w/ Shore Branding, the top branding and digital marketing stories that caught my attention from the past week.

#1 – The Best-Perceived Brands of 2013 – via 

Premise: YouGov’s BrandIndex results are in for 2013 and Amazon has become the strongest perceived brand, followed by Ford and Subway to close out the top three.  Banks/Financial institutions started to rebound in 2013 as well, with four out of the top five most improved brands coming from this arena (with the other being American Airlines).  The article includes an infographic of the results and at the bottom you find the top brands by political affiliation.

Thoughts: It isn’t surprising to see Amazon at the top of the list, given their customer service and experience, along with the growth in Amazon Prime and the Kindle.  What is surprising is to see the Kindle itself come in at number 10.  Also surprising are the number two and three top brands – Ford and Subway, respectively.

What brands would be at the top of your list?  I would put Google and Amazon at the top of mine.

#2 – “How to reach the male demographic on mobile” – via    

Premise: Males 18-34 are a key demographic group to target and mobile can be a great way to do so when mobile advertising is done correctly.  The article takes you through several tips on how to better execute your mobile campaign, including “relevancy”, “entertaining”, and “informative”.  Within each recommendation you will find an example of a previously conducted campaign.

Thoughts: I wonder how many brands “think mobile first” – the first recommendation from the write-up.  I imagine we aren’t there yet for the vast majority, but this is something that brands and companies need to strongly consider, particularly to this demographic.

#3 – “Business Transformation: Why General Motors is Investing in Customer Experience” via 

Premise: Solis talked to the social media team leader at GM about their social strategy and provides insight into how the team has evolved and ultimately improved the customer experience through this window.  The team at GM manages over 100 channels across multiple platforms and across their brands.  They keep an eye on the expected sites (Facebook and Twitter) but also have their eyes on relevant blogs and forums.  GM has invested in bringing together people from their marketing, communications, and customer care teams in an effort to provide a holistic view on solving and resolving issues that arise.

Thoughts: I thought this was an interesting and in-depth read on one of the largest brands in America and how they are truly coming together across functions within the company.  Their efforts are likely to win over many people and are a great way to create brand ambassadors and loyalists.

#4 – “Applebee’s Offers Up Six Seconds of Fame for Fans of New TV Campaign” via  

Premise: Applebee’s is running a promotion that is tied to their low calorie menu options through Vine.  They are asking fans to send in their “It’s unbelievable” reactions through the platform and then share them on Twitter with a “#BeeFamous” hashtag.  Those that make the cut will be provided with further instructions on next steps.

Thoughts: It has been a few months since I’ve seen a true promotional campaign that focuses on Vine.  The seamless integration with Twitter makes the micro-video network such a powerful place to consider for your marketing.  At the end of the article you will find a YouTube video of a number of the early entries that is worth checking out if you have some time, there are a few that will certainly make you laugh.

#5 – Duracell’s “Trust Your Power” Ad 


Thoughts: A great ad that just happens to feature a player from my favorite team (Seattle Seahawks).  Derrick Coleman is a running back in his second year in the NFL.  He is also hearing impaired.  Ads that feature NFL players usually highlight the superstars of the league.  Here, however, Duracell has decided to focus on a great story.  A great ad (biases aside) and a great story.  (This coincides with January’s ‘Pin of the Month’ as well.)

Tweet of the Week:

Sticking with a sports theme this week and month apparently, our ‘Tweet of the Week’ comes from Bloomberg Businessweek, promoting their latest cover story – the changing of the guard in the NBA, as Commissioner David Stern passes the baton to Adam Silver.  Stern leaves behind quite the legacy, taking a brand that had a number of image problems back in the early 80’s and has risen the bar a significant number of notches.

While every decision hasn’t gone over smoothly (Seattle Supersonics anyone?) and problems continue to pop up (Tim Donaghy), Stern has defined and redefined the NBA’s brand image and taken it to unforeseen heights.  While not at the level of the NFL, the NBA is seeing higher ratings thanks to this generation’s superstars and super teams.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s top branding & digital marketing stories.  Have a good week!