Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 1-12-14


Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Happy New Year / 2014 everyone!  I hope you have a great year ahead of you!  This year on we’ll continue with the weekly #SundayMusings, will be putting together several more “Tips” articles, and putting more “Brands in Focus”.  Look for those in the coming days and weeks ahead.

For the first #SundayMusings of 2014, I have broken this up into two parts: reflecting on 2013 and looking forward to 2014.  Here are this week’s top branding and digital marketing stories:

#1 – Signs that you need to rebrand your company – via 

Premise: When is it time, or what are the right signs that point to a need for rebranding your brand or business?  The author puts together a checklist of signs that may help you decide that it is time for a change.  From focus, to staffing, and through the 3 C’s, if your business is failing or in decline, you need to reevaluate your strategies for moving forward.

Thoughts: I would/could easily lump the 3 C’s together with “focus” and make this a two point system.  If you aren’t focusing on the right people with the right message, you need to consider going back to the drawing board.  My wife and I have been binge watching “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV and a recent episode seems to fit this message perfectly.  A family from Long Island opened a bar in North Carolina and their food menu had nothing to do with NC cuisine, trying to ‘force’ NY hot dogs and similar menu items on the local market.  Bad idea.

I also truly believe in the second sign or recommendation in this article revolving around staff buying into your brand/business.  Your team is only as good as your weakest link/player.  An energetic staff can be spotted from miles away.

#2 – “Louis CK One Is a Mashup That Smells Like Perfection” – via (AdFreak)    

Premise: The cologne brand CK One has partnered with comedian Louis CK to create one of the funnier advertising partnerships you have seen in some time.  Taking the polar opposite images between to the two to make self-loathing ads and jokes are the goal of this campaign – so far including billboard and magazine ads.

Thoughts: Now this is an example of brandscaping that I can really get behind.  The ability for a brand to poke a little fun at itself is always endearing to me.  There may not be a bigger name in comedy these days than Louis CK and the partnership is an easy connection.  Similar to the author’s thoughts, I would love to see them take another step here and create a TV ad or two with this messaging.

#3 – “With Lindsey Vonn Out, Many Brands Start Sochi with a Bruised Marketing Strategy” via 

Premise: Lindsey Vonn is one of the most decorated athletes, with a highly successful skiing career, along with her personality and looks.  She has been one of the more sought after athletes for brand sponsorship coming into the Winter Olympics.  However, after injuring her leg in December, Vonn made it official this week that she wouldn’t be able to participate in the Olympics in Sochi.  P&G, NBC, and a handful of other brands will now need to find the next Olympic athlete to help them promote their brands during the Olympics.

Thoughts: This is a tough break for the US Olympic team and it is obviously a tough break for the slew of brands that Lindsey Vonn was going to be promoting during her time in Sochi.  She is clearly one of, if not the most decorated American athlete going into this year’s Games.  It will be interesting to see who can or will step up to be the decorated athlete of the Games and how much their name can attract sponsorships with brands.

#4 – Speaking of the Winter Olympics …   


Thoughts: text.

#5 – “5 coolest gadgets unveiled at CES this week” – via  

Premise: text.

Thoughts: We’re just going to leave this here.  The forthcoming Olympics sparks the return of P&G’s “Thank you, mom” campaign, which has been acclaimed since it was created/started in 2008.  These are great advertisements and the forge a great connection with moms, they key target for many of P&G’s brands.

Tweet of the Week:

More news from Intel!  Seeing this tweet and the 3D image of the animal (whale?) over the crowd had me yearning to start attending CES.  Where are conferences and presentations heading when you have something like this as a capability?!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s top branding & digital marketing stories.  If you were at CES, what caught your attention?  Have a good week ahead!