Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 1-26-14


Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Hope you are enjoying another weekend!  Welcome to #SundayMusings w/ Shore Branding, the top branding and digital marketing stories from the past seven days.

#1 – The Healthy Brand: Take Your Brand From Good to Great – via 

Premise: The write-up starts out with a good introduction to the importance of branding via 90 second YouTube clip from ParkerWhite Brand Interactive.  How do you make a great brand?  The company provides a thorough checklist of items to consider and answer for your brand/business in order to ensure your branding efforts are doing the most for your business.

Thoughts: ParkerWhite has dubbed brands that are fulfilling items on this branding checklist as “healthy brands”.  I just came across this site this week and will be keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks, given the comments towards the end of the write-up that they will be providing further information in the coming weeks on what makes a “healthy brand”.

As for the checklist itself, “Focused” and “Supported by brand loyalists” are certainly topics that have been discussed quite a bit here in the past within Sunday Musings.  I wouldn’t question any of the items on the checklist at all.

#2 – “20 iconic brands – and why they work” – via    

Premise: While potentially not the biggest, CreativeBloq has created a list of the 20 most iconic brands.

Thoughts: An interesting list to say the least, including several brands I’ve never heard of and a few missing that I thought for sure would be included in a list like this.  I’m a little surprised to see The Red Cross at #1, ahead of Apple and others.  I’m also not sure I see how or why Bass Ale is rated so highly, when there are a number of more popular and iconic beer brands out there.  Where are McDonald’s, Nike, Starbucks, etc.?

What are your thoughts on this list?  

#3 – “Our first birthday: A year on Vine” via 

Premise: Saturday, 1/24, marked the one year birthday for Vine and what a year it has been.  People are connecting on Vine and producing a wide range of content from jokes to meaningful events.  The writer says that Twitter introduced Vine with the desire for others to create and share videos from mobile.

Thoughts: In one year, Vine has helped create a new marketing machine for both brands and individuals.  The six second clips are perfect for today’s short attention span and brands that are successful at it should be congratulated.  The one thing that I would have liked to have seen here are a few updated numbers on the success levels that Vine is seeing – number of users, number of uploads per day/month, etc.

#4 – “USA Today Expands Super Bowl Ad Meter” via  

Premise: In 2013, the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter was opened up to the public for the first time.  USA Today is taking it one step further this year and will be segmenting the results by various demographics.  Since 1989, USA Today has been gauging reaction to Super Bowl ads and they are now adding new wrinkles to the system.  Results will appear online and in USA Today’s 2/3 print edition.

Thoughts: For those interested in voting on the Super Bowl ads, you can sign up here.  This is certainly an easy way for the paper to build a little engagement with both readers and non-readers of the newspaper itself.  Voters get a chance to voice their opinions on the most popular advertising event of the year here in the US.

What are your thoughts on brands/companies now releasing their Super Bowl commercials before they air during the game?  Personally, I don’t like it.  I think it takes away from the “mystique” (for the lack of a better word) of watching the ads for the first time during the game.

#5 – “The Future of Facebook [Research]” via 

Premise: A research study conducted by Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering focused on the behaviors of social media users, taking a look at what to expect for Facebook moving forward.  The research says that Facebook has reached its peak and that the downward trend will continue in the years ahead.  Heidi Cohen provides four indicators that support the findings from the report, and three tips on how to adjust/adapt your digital marketing efforts.

Thoughts: You have probably seen the “Facebook is doomed” posts and predictions before.  However, this does seem to paint a ‘not too rosy’ picture for the site moving forward.  We know how quickly Myspace fell and it wouldn’t be a complete shock to see something similar happen to Facebook (or others).   The four indicators that are provided here are certainly items that Facebook must account for and find the means of adjusting.

What are your predictions for Facebook moving forward?

Tweet of the Week:

Old Spice is at it again, bringing back Isaiah Mustafa back in the fold for another humorous campaign.  From the tweet above you will be taken to a landing page and if you wait a few seconds, you will find the true meaning of the site.  The ability to prank your friends and family with these marketing ideas is yet another great use of digital marketing for the brand.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s #SundayMusings!  Have a good week ahead!