Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 12-8-13


Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Here we go with another edition of Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week!  This week’s stories include news on Movember and two stories apiece on brand extensions and loyalty.

#1 – 2 Amazing Movember Case Studies That Will Make You Grow it Back – via 

Premise: The Movember campaign created a ton of content across social media, largely driven by those participating in the movement.  Two particular examples that focused on the campaign are brought forth in this write-up for its uniqueness and content creativity: Movember’s own Moscars video contest and i.d.e.a.’s Harry Mustachio puppet.

The Movember brand itself ran a video contest that invited participants to send in their own videos, with winners being announced this coming week.  i.d.e.a. is an agency based in San Diego and they ran their own set of videos (see the link above) to help build awareness for Movember.

Thoughts: While some might not enjoy the net result of seeing so many moustaches for the month, it is all for a great cause: building awareness for men’s health issues.  As we discussed in November’s Pin of the Month, Movember has become a global phenomenon that
drives billions of conversations across social networks.  Take a look at this video from the Movember team:

#2 – “How Sub-Brands Impact Master Brands” – via    

Premise: Taking a question from a reader, the team at Branding Strategy Insider tackle a question on the impact sub-brands have on each other and their parent/master brand.  The author makes two suggestions on tackling this issue: 1. Pre and Post testing and 2. Split Cell testing.

Thoughts: While I agree that either form of testing suggested above would work to help understand the impact sub-brands have on parent brands, I would highly recommend diving deep into the portion of the split cell testing referenced here regarding asking common statements/questions about the sub-brand and parent brand and running several types of analyses on how they compare and contrast – GAP analysis, correlations, etc.  If you are testing a number of sub-brands, you will be able to better understand which are having a more positive/negative impact on your parent brand and help you make decisions from that point on where you might need to improve, or make even harder decisions.

#3 – “Vote Now for the Best and Worst Brand Extensions of 2013” via

Premise: AdWeek has taken a long list of brand extensions that were launched in 2013 and combed it down to the ten best and worst.  Readers are being asked to vote for their top three choices in each category.  Winners (and losers?) will be announced in the January 20th issue.

Thoughts: I really wanted to make readers aware of this contest and for you to go vote as well.  My votes are for:

Best: Google Glass, Kellogg’s Breakfast to Go, and AXE Face & Shave

Worst: The Grateful Dead Skis, KISS Arena Football League, and Sega video game air freshener collection

#4 – “Social Media Branding: 16 Tips to Create a Consistent, Relevant  Trusted Social Brand” – via   

Premise: You only have so many chances to make a memorable impression on potential customers.  There are several messages that you should follow in order to make these positive impressions: Be Consistent, Ensure your words/actions are Relevant, Build Trust.  The author takes you throw sixteen individual tips as to how to improve your chances of succeeding on these three goals.

Thoughts: All of the recommendations provided in this write-up will help you focus your brand or product that much more.  Following even just a few of these steps will help clean up your branding (if needed) or rethink your current strategies across social media.

Note that there are several hyperlinks in this write-up that provide even more depth and breadth on improving your branding efforts and are worth the read.

#5 – “Kroger sees customers’ favorite charities as the key to loyalty” – via   

Premise: Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket, is rolling out its latest strategy: letting loyalty card holders select charities to which the supermarket will donate to, which will be based on how much the shopper spends at the store.  This program will donate up to $50 million charities and non-profits, which will account for one-fifth of Kroger’s total charitable activity for the year.

Within the test markets where this is already taking place, loyalty card shoppers are signing up online and selecting their favorite charities – based off of a list of local non-profits that have previously aligned with the retailer.  Kroger shoppers do not “lose” anything in terms of their in-store deals or offers with the program either.

Thoughts: This is yet another great idea from Kroger.  Selecting the charities that YOU want to contribute to / help out, gives you yet another reason to make sure your share of wallet is going to focus that much more on/in the grocery store.  A great PR move for Kroger and puts a little bit of power in the hands of the individual consumer as well.

Tweet of the Week:

DiGiorno Pizza pulled off a social media coup this past week, live tweeting NBC’s “The Sound of Music” special.  Take a look for yourself (here).  Not only was it a great PR move, but it caught the attention of many around the country – trending in major cities and other ad/brand networks.  Reading through the tweets, the team did a great job of tying in their brand to The Sound of Music performance.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Musings – the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past seven days!  Have a great week ahead!