Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 11-10-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week!

#1 – 10 brilliant new examples of branded Vines – via 

Premise: The recent updates made on the Vine app allow for more user flexibility and creativity, which will likely lead to even higher quality micro-videos.  The author takes a look at brands that are leading the charge on the platform.  Trident, Dunkin Donuts, and Airbnb were the first to produce Vine videos and use them as advertising on TV.  Oreo and Tide are also referenced, given their high quality micro-videos from last week’s holiday.

Thoughts: Improving the functionality of the app will certainly make for even greater content, from brands and ‘everyday people’.  What really caught my eye here is the quote from Dunkin Donuts VP of Global Consumer Engagement, mentioning that billboards would be a good place to bring Vine videos to.  That is a fantastic idea!

#2 – “7 Things That Should Make Your Restaurant Take Social Media Seriously” – via    

Premise: Jason Falls wrote about and created seven business drivers of social media and in this write-up, the author leverages those steps to tailor the message directly to restaurants and their use of social media.  After the seven steps, the author points out that it is important for each restaurant to rank them based on their individual business and what its own priorities are.

Thoughts: The seven steps/drivers of social media can be applied to virtually any category or business.  If you are not covering off on any of these in your branding efforts, you must reconsider your digital marketing plans.

#3 – “Seven Pinterest Content Marketing Tips” via

Premise: Pinterest has become a powerful platform for brands to increase engagement with consumers and to further strengthen their online branding.  The author puts together a few tips on how to use the platform, providing examples from various brands on the site.

Thoughts: There are several really good tips in the article, but the one that caught my eye the most was “Post your company’s story and background”.  This puts a personal touch on the page that consumers/customers can attach themselves to.  The author uses Whole Foods as the example brand within this recommendation.  The brand has over 150,000 followers, over 50 boards, and almost 3,000 Pins as of this write-up!

#4 – “Michael Kors’ Instagram ad generated 33K new followers, 370% more likes” – via   

Premise: Over the past few weeks Instagram had announced and launched its advertising platform.  We get one of our first looks at the results of said platform from Nitrogram, an analytics platform dedicated to Instagram.  Michael Kors posted the first Instagram ad and the results are staggering.  The brand saw its followers’ increase 16 times more than the brand’s prior five non-promoted posts.  “Likes” increased a whopping 370% over those same, prior posts.  Nitrogram also noted that 20% of the comments on the ad were negative, largely focusing on the fact that there was now advertising in their Instagram feed.

Thoughts: It would be hard to argue with these initial results.  The companies selected to be part of Instagram’s initial roll-out of its ad platform are certainly getting an advantage.  As you may have seen in the article, ~6.7 million people saw the advertisement from Michael Kors!

#5 – “How Luvs Unites Mothers by Comically Dividing Them – via 

Premise: Luvs has released a new ad campaign that focuses on the differences between first and second time moms in a humorous way/angle.  The link above has all five of the ads at the bottom of the article.

Thoughts: The Luvs’ ads are entertaining and bring a unique angle to the campaign.  As noted in the write-up, they also subtly show signs of branding with the packaging in some of the frames and the appropriate colors.  By no means does the branding get in the way of the message however.  I really like the “Sanitize” ad.  You may notice the packaging towards the end of the ad.  You may also notice the “#Luvs” hashtag that they have put on the ad for social media.

Tweet of the Week:

You may have noticed the poll on, as I was looking for recommendations on what branding-related book would be the next read.  I wound up traveling this week and have read “Brandscaping” by Andrew Davis.  While a full book review will be put together in the coming weeks, this tweet from Pepsi touches on the general crux of the book.

Pepsi obviously has a relationship with Papa Johns and they are leveraging Papa Johns, and their audience, versus just trying to promote their products by themselves.  Pepsi has forged a relationship with Papa Johns to deliver to NFL fans for Thursday Night Football.  They have a target, and because of the relationship built, now likely have a broader audience (Papa Johns’ followers and loyalists).  This is a great example of “Brandscaping”.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Musings – the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past seven days!  Have a great week!