Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 11-3-13

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding! (Photo credit:

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding!
(Photo credit:

This week is a special, Halloween edition of Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week, all with a Halloween theme or twist to them.

#1 – 5 Small-Business Branding Lessons To Be Learned From Halloween Characters – via 

Premise: The author takes various Halloween-related characters and compares them to branding problems and issues that small businesses run into.  After each example, a simple brand lesson is provided.

Thoughts: This write-up was concise, but well done and tied to the holiday nicely.  In fact, you might have seen this on a few different pages this week.  Out of the five characters, there is a tie for which I believe is the best branding recommendation – between Frankenstein (“Be consistent”) and Mummy (“Evolve”).

#2 – “Brand Dracula: Four Branding Lessons From the Undead” – via    

Premise: More lessons in branding with a focus on Dracula and how he was branded relative to other horror characters/creatures.  The four lessons focus on brand positioning, defining and developing the brand, and going public.

Thoughts: After taking you through the branding recommendations, the author reminds us that “Sure, Dracula eventually had a stake pounded through his heart” – a good reminder that you should probably pay attention to … and circle back to the “Evolve” recommendation listed above.  One particular recommendation from this write-up is a good reminder and that is your employees and team members are your brand’s best brand ambassadors.

#3 – “3 “Horrifying” Social Media Blunders & Their Lessons” via

Premise: Likeable takes a look at a couple social media missteps from the past year.  The examples come from AT&T’s tweet on 9/11, a Walmart employee mistakenly posting on the corporate page vs. his personal Facebook page, and an insensitive tweet from Tesco.

Thoughts: How many times have you posted to the wrong account?  I’ve managed to do this a few times over the past year or so – nothing insensitive, etc. but still annoying/embarrassing.  You have to be careful.  You should really be careful if you are posting something with offensive language or opinion.  The Tesco example is pretty poor choice of words.

#4 – “The Top 20 Halloween Videos From Brands on Vine and Instagram” – via   

Premise: As this write-up points to, this is the first Halloween where micro-video platforms are engrained in our branding and digital marketing worlds.  The usual suspects – Tide and Oreo – produced great content, but so did many others.

Thoughts: Very creative, holiday posts from a handful of brands/companies.  While not branded at all, the Target Vine at #16 was very well done.  The Dunkin Donuts Vine at #7 was well done and well branded.  Oreo and Tide each produced a handful of micro-videos that won over the internet.  So much so that the gauntlet was thrown down this week …

#5 – “A Very Branded Halloween: From Ghoulish Oreos to Domino’s Box-O’-Lantern – via 

Premise: Brandchannel puts together an expansive list of Halloween-related branding efforts across social media.

Thoughts: Another write-up that highlights the branding efforts for the holiday.  Several others that caught my attention from this write-up include Burt’s Bees “6 second classics” related to popular Halloween stories.  The Google home page on Thursday was equally awesome – in case you missed it, once you clicked the play button, they took you to an animated witch’s brew.

Tweet of the Week:

We’ll focus on Oreo’s efforts here, but both Oreo and Tide really deserved the attention this week with their micro-video efforts.  Given Oreo was our last Brand in Focus, they get the nod!  If you take a look at stories 4 or 5 above, you’ll see a number of clips that each brand produced, each creative, engaging, and well-branded.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Musings – the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the Halloween week!