Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 11-24-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome to Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week!  We’re heading into the short work week here in the US with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us!

#1 – 12 Actionable Pinterest Tips To Increase Sales – via 

Premise: Since launching, Pinterest has become a platform to help drive sales across various industries.  While it started as a place to display food, clothing, and more, it has turned into a marketing machine and an e-commerce platform.  Heidi’s write-up includes seven tips to increase the likelihood of others re-pinning your material and five overall tactics to increase/improve results.

Thoughts: The e-commerce stats and findings regarding Pinterest continue to be impressive!  If you are posting pictures of your own brand or product, make sure to pay attention to the seven tips provided in the middle of the story.  The five tactics listed at the end are particularly important – with #2 (“Ensure Pins lead back to appropriate product pages”) being critical.  What also caught my attention in this write-up is the trackback to a prior article Heidi put together and her recommendations on leveraging Pinterest for your branding efforts.  Give that a read over as well.

#2 – “17 Cartoons that Will Change Your Business” – via    

Premise: In his new book “What’s the Future” (WTF), Brian Solis had his friend design a cartoon for each of the chapters of the book.  Solis has taken these images out of the book and placed them into the SlideShare shown below and will be providing the story behind each in the weeks ahead.

Thoughts: I have yet to read “WTF” but it is sitting on my tablet and waiting.  This SlideShare has bumped the book up to #2 in the queue.  My favorite slide is #8, discussing Millenials, Generation Z, etc. and how they are changing the world.

Have you read “WTF” yet?  If so, what did you think?

#3 – “9 Strategies To Revive Your Brand” via

Premise: The author points out that all brands face the issue of commoditization and that all brands face the issue of losing value over time.  There are nine principles in the write-up that can be applied to your brand to help slow down or reverse these trends.

Thoughts: In essence, what I believe we are talking about here is finding the means of being and staying relevant in an ever-changing landscape that is today’s world.  As the author points out towards the end of the write-up, there are a number of different means of adopting your strategy, and employing several of these at the same time may help your chances.  However, this isn’t a one size fits all recommendation and you will need to find out where your specific pain points are and how you can fix them with consumers / customers.

#4 – “5 Reasons to Upgrade To a YouTube Branded Channel Today” – via   

Premise: Trends in digital marketing continue to lean towards delivering engaging content to consumers and video is one of the best ways to deliver this content to your audience.  YouTube is the largest player in this space, providing a perfect arena for you to grab attention and build a relationship with consumers.  This write-up pulls together a few resources from around the web to help get you thinking about how to improve your branding efforts via YouTube.

In an article written on last month, Caique Santiago provided five branches of tips to branding on YouTube – Product & Brand Awareness, Do Not Disturb, Improve your SEO and Website traffic, Engaging and Shareable, and Fight your competitors.

Thoughts: While we have spent a good amount of words on micro-video platforms (Vine and Instagram specifically), YouTube remains the most powerful video platform.  Similar to Heidi Cohen’s article above, what really caught my attention and peaked my interest in this write-up are the additional links and resources all being in one place.  Throughout this write-up you will find recommendations on branding through YouTube, but also optimizing your channel.

#5 – “10 Brands that Changed the World – via 

Premise: This is a two and a half minute video covering off on the brands that, literally, changed the world we live in today, including; Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and more.

Thoughts: No reason to add much more to this – as the video itself provides a quick summary of how each brand started out and how they have adapted, re-branded themselves, etc. to become a global superpower.  As the narrator mentions at the end – what brands would you put on this list?  I’m surprised that Google wasn’t on there.

Tweet of the Week:



While you may consider this a shameless plug for this week’s ‘Tweet of the Week’, I want to again point out that we are coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday this week.  Unfortunately, too many people and businesses have already begun looking ahead to December holidays.  We are already hearing holiday music on radio stations.  Enough!

Can we please enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday?!  Is it absolutely critical for you to leave your house in the evening of Thanksgiving Day to go shopping, leaving behind friends and family?  I really don’t see the point at all.  Enjoy the day off and holiday, remember what Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about and worry about your holiday shopping on Friday.  There is too much “scope creep” into Thanksgiving Day and I don’t like it one bit.  Visit and please sign the petition!

That is all for this week’s Sunday Musings – the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past seven days!  Have a great week and for those of you in the States, please (PLEASE!) enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!