Pin of the Month – Movember

November's Pin of the Month - Movember BrandScaping and Pin by BrandsEye and Carling Black Label

November’s Pin of the Month – Movember
BrandScaping and Pin by BrandsEye and Carling Black Label

While there are a few important holidays to reflect on during the month of November, we’re going to focus on a movement that takes the entire month: Movember!  Every November, there is a month long tradition around the globe to create awareness for men’s health issues, while men grow out their moustaches.

While there is a focus on prostate cancer specifically, Movember focuses on all mean’s health issues and the importance of getting check-ups.  What has turned this into a powerful phenomenon is the fun (there might be several definitions for “fun” here) element of having men grow out moustaches.  Movember is now in its tenth year of running events, having started back in 2004.  You can find out more about the history of the movement on the Movember Foundation web site.

This brings us to this month’s Pin of the Month at Shore Branding.  The infographic above focuses on the online conversations happening on Movember and points to a number of celebrities that tweeted about the movement.  The largest number of conversations are coming from the UK, followed by Canada and then the US.  (I actually heard on the radio on Monday that Canada was the leading country in terms of donations to charity, followed by the US.  They did not mention any other countries.)

There is one last piece that I wanted to point to, as it will be a point of emphasis over the rest of the month here at Shore Branding.  You may have seen it get started in this past weekend’s Sunday Musings, but this infographic is another example of BrandScaping.  I just wrapped up reading “BrandScaping” by Andrew Davis and have to say it was a great read!  We’ll be putting together a full book review in the next couple of weeks.  However, the premise circles around the power of content marketing and finding the right message, and potentially partners, to provide a target market what they want to see/hear/receive.

Here you have a company (BrandsEye) that has tracked the online conversations of a particularly popular movement in November and have interesting numbers and data to report.  However, it didn’t stop there, as BrandsEye partnered with a second company based in South Africa – Carling Black Label Beer – and they both got involved with the study and infographic and are clearly tagging both of their names to this information as well at the bottom.  BrandsEye gets their message out to a whole new audience, while Carling Black Label Beer does the same.  Both are opening themselves up to new markets and consumers, simply by being willing to “share the wealth” a bit with others.

What are your thoughts on the concept of BrandScaping?  Have you had success (or failure) in trying to work with other brands or companies like this?

For those unfamiliar with our Pin of the Month, each month we’ll be posting one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. from our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in a blog entry once a month.  Hope you enjoyed this month’s Pin!  Thanks to BrandsEye and Carling Black Label Beer for putting together this information on a great cause!