Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 10-27-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome back to Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  Let’s get right to it …

#1 – Likeable Media Introduces the Likeable Index – via 

Premise: Likeable Media released a report on brand Likeability across their respective social media efforts.  Included in the release of the report itself, which is available for free download on the site, is the launch of Likeable Index™ – a proprietary metric from Likeable to allow brands to track their own Likeability score, but to also compare and contrast vs. competition.

Thoughts: If you have ever noticed or read down the list on our blog roll, you will find Likeable Media there – as I really enjoy what they publish.  This is a fantastic next step for the agency and its ability to sell in analytics with a proprietary metric like their index score.  I have downloaded the report this weekend and will begin to look through it in the near future.  (You may see a future blog post dedicated to the report as well.)

#2 – “Have you experienced #SnackDrama” – via    

Premise: People tend to feel guilty about eating snacks throughout some portion of the day.  General Mills and Fiber One are asking people to tweet their confession with the hashtag “#SnackDrama” and those that make the cut will be reenacted by a team of actors and put on YouTube.

Thoughts: I thought this was an excellent use of multiple platforms and putting the power in the consumer’s hands.  Also noteworthy is that, at least according to this post, Fiber One is specifying “Twitter” and not just using the hashtag across social media sites.  If the YouTube clip embedded in the article is any indication, this could be a very enjoyable campaign.

#3 – “Ads Set To Appear On Instagram Next Week” – via

Premise: Instagram is rolling out ads on the site with the help of a select list of brands and companies.  The ads will be in both picture and video form and in the short term, won’t actually be an ad, but a notice that future ads are forthcoming.  The list of advertisers was selected due to their past use of the app.

Thoughts: This is an interesting approach from Instagram, who clearly does not want to cause an uproar by bombarding users with a ton of ads.  This article makes it sound like Instagram’s ads will be different than Facebook’s, and that is a good thing in my opinion.  Ten brands – listed in the article – have been selected to start the ad platform/program, and that undoubtedly will help bring attention to those brands on the site.

#4 – “5 Lessons Apple Has Taught Us About Branding” – via   

Premise: As you are likely well aware, Apple has done a phenomenal job in branding over the course of time.  The author puts together five points of reason as to how Apple has succeeded and what you might want to keep in mind for your brand.

Thoughts: I don’t believe there is anything on this list that is ‘controversial’ but this is a good reminder of what you need to do for your brand by leveraging one of the biggest brand names around.  The first two tips here are the most important in my mind – ‘Spend money to make money’ and ‘Understand your target audience’.  If you can’t or won’t take the time to circle around these two items, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

#5 – “Halloween Treats Gone Wrong” via Crest’s YouTube Page


Halloween is right around the corner and this was the best ad found.  While this might quickly remind you of the successful AT&T ads running for a while, Crest and Oral-B put together a pretty clever idea and leverage the children’s thoughts and lack of a filter to make it memorable.  Should we just bring back the TV show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” at this point?

Tweet of the Week:

We have our second brand attached to the forthcoming Anchorman movie release!  Dodge created hilarious ads and now Ben & Jerry are launching new flavors to their product lineup to cross-promote with the movie launch.  Any other flavor ideas that can be tied back to the movie?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Musings – the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past seven days.  Have a great week!