Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 10-6-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  We’re adding a new feature to the weekly write-up with a ‘Tweet of the Week’.  We’re simply looking for a tweet from a brand or company worth a little discussion.

#1 – Chrysler Goes From Eminem and Clint to Ron Burgundy? – via 

Premise: Chrysler, and specifically the Dodge Durango, is putting together a new campaign with the celebrity endorsement of … Ron Burgundy?  Will Ferrell’s Anchorman character will be the face of a new campaign and there are big plans forthcoming – a total of 67 videos will be produced.  Anchorman is scheduled to come out on December 20th of this year.

Thoughts: To say I’m excited for Anchorman 2 would be a gross understatement.  This write-up gives a glimpse into what these ads are going to look like and I can already predict that they will be phenomenal / hysterical.  Look for a number of promotions that get tied together with the sequel in the coming weeks and months!

#2 – “The Twitter IPO By The Numbers” – via    

Premise: Earlier this week, Twitter filed the paperwork for its IPO and with it came a number of statistics regarding the sites usage and revenue performance.  The site continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate, and has yet to turn a profit.  As you can see in the table, revenue has grown from $28.3M in 2010 to $316M in 2012!

Thoughts: If you have been following Shore Branding for a while now, you know our feelings about Twitter (it is the best platform out there).  It was a little surprising to see that the company is not turning a profit, but I did find this write-up on Yahoo Finance, detailing how the company spent 44% of its revenue on R&D in the first half of 2013.  That is a significantly higher percentage vs. other social networks and technology companies.  However, you would rather see the money going into R&D vs. frivolous expenses, no?

#3 – “Which are the most significant new Google Analytics features?” – via

Premise: Earlier this week, Google announced a plethora of updates and new features to its Analytics.  This write-up takes a look at the biggest updates from several different perspectives.

Thoughts: The two biggest takeaways that should help immediately are two of the bigger focus areas in the write-up – demographic breakdowns and event tracking.  The demographic data should help many better understand their audience and allow you/them to tweak your message, content, etc. as deemed necessary.  Making it easier to track events and collect data on each will help make Google Analytics even more user-friendly.

#4 – “Facebook Says Its Mobile App Ads Work, So It’s Making More of Them” – via   

Premise: Facebook has made tremendous strides in ‘figuring out’ mobile, driving growth in revenue from its mobile strategy.  Facebook is looking to increase their revenue by targeting app developers and selling them ads that link directly to apps users have already installed.

Thoughts: We have focused quite a bit on mobile and mobile advertising over the past few weeks here and this story continues to add to that theme.  Facebook’s stock price has rebounded quite well and there is no doubt that a good amount of this is due to the company figuring out and improving their mobile strategy and revenues.

#5 – “Brand Your Way to Success: A Complete Guide to Shape Your Online Brand” via

Premise: This write-up is a list of recommendations and to-do’s to improve your branding efforts, specifically online.  These tips include video and slide presentations, social networking, content marketing, and engagement/participation in various forms.  You will find a few examples of brands that do well across platforms in the article, including Dollar Shave Club and Moz.

Thoughts: This felt like a good summary of online branding and the potential that lies behind it.  However, I have to admit that there was a cringe-worthy moment at the start of this article when I saw “Be everywhere”.  I don’t agree with this tip at all.  You need to pick and choose your platforms and try to excel within them.  You don’t need a page on every single social network.  If you aren’t going to ‘commit’ to updating the page on a ‘regular’ basis, don’t use said medium.

Tweet of the Week:

This caught my attention as Kmart has signed one of the more marketable celebrities around these days.  Sofia Vergara has become one of the “it” celebrities and now has a full line of products available at the retailer.  Can Kmart continue to shift its image with consumers?

Those are the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  What do you think about including a ‘Tweet of the Week’ in each week’s write-up?

Have a great week!