Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 10-13-13


Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing


Welcome back to Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  We are going to continue with the ‘Tweet of the Week’ that started last weekend.  We’re simply looking for a tweet from a brand or company worth a little extra discussion.

#1 – The World’s First Instagram Hotel Gets Rave Reviews – via 

Premise: The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia has re-branded itself through social media efforts.  There are flat screens in the lobby that stream Instagram photos with the hashtag “#1888Hotel”.  The hotel is also offering up free rooms to Instagram users that have over 10K followers and using their branded hashtag.

Thoughts: I found this to be one of the more creative ways to use Instagram that I’ve ever seen or read about.  This builds engagement and looks like it could/should also drive stronger loyalty.  Then, later on in the article, the writer points out that the 1888 Hotel doesn’t have an Instagram account.  #Fail.  I’m not sure how that happens or why they wouldn’t have an Instagram account, at the very least to re-share the photos that others are sharing, using it as part of the promotional efforts, having others vote on the monthly winner, etc.  We’ll see if they adapt the program over time to make it that much better.

#2 – “The Keys to Branding Your Twitter” – via    

Premise: Many companies have a Twitter page and use it to post regularly, engage with others, etc.  But are they correctly/appropriately branding themselves?  The author points to the background, header, and profile images as all being opportunities to pick up your branding efforts on Twitter.  The three example companies/brands used in the write-up are Coca-Cola, Disney Pixar, and Caribou Coffee.

Thoughts: Simple right – Use the three areas to strengthen your brand and brand personality?  You would think.  I like Coca-Cola’s background, as the deep red (with bubbles) catches your eye.  Disney Pixar keeps it fresh by updating their header image with promoting new movies/releases.  Caribou Coffee is currently promoting Breast Cancer Awareness this month on their Twitter page.  What other brands catch your eye on Twitter with one (or any) of these images? 

#3 – “Top 5 Best and Worst Brand Responses to the Shutdown” – via

Premise: At the time of this writing, the US government shutdown had lasted a full week.  Likeable took a look at social media networks to see what some of the best and worst “#shutdown” messages/shares from brands were.

Thoughts: I personally like the Red Bull Twitter post and picture.  Well-branded and a little bit of humor to it.  The Spartan Race Facebook post for sentencing the government to 30 Burpees was pretty good.   Unlike the author of the article, I don’t mind brands and companies offering up discounts to federal employees – though I would like to see someone clarify that it doesn’t include members of Congress.  Before we get all political
here, let’s get to the next top story …

#4 – “Dodge now Doing Video Responses to Tweets About Its Ron Burgundy Ads” – via   

Premise: Chrysler’s / Dodge Durango’s campaign based around Anchorman has already taken a step in a different direction.  While only several of the rumored 70 video spots have been on air thus far, the team is creating real-time responses to comments being made about the ads on social media networks.  The Breeders’ Cup (horse racing’s Super Bowl) Twitter feed sent a message out to its followers about Dodge underestimating the power of a horse, tagging Dodge in the tweet.  The digital team created a phenomenal video response to this (see link).

Thoughts: This was fantastic on a number of different levels.  As we mentioned in last weekend’s column, expect to see a lot of Ron Burgundy in the coming weeks.  The Dodge ads are great, but I thought it was really smart for the Breeders’ Cup team to put this out there online and see if it would garner any traction.  (Obviously, it did.)  The video response from Dodge is also really good and continues with the humor angle, potentially strengthening the branding image of the company.

#5 – “5 Successful Rebranding Efforts” via

Premise: Some rebranding efforts are small, while others lend itself to a complete makeover.  The writer puts together five brands that went well out of the box in its rebranding efforts over time.

Thoughts: All five examples are very strong examples of brands and companies repositioning themselves.  We’ve covered Old Spice here in the past.  I did find it interesting to see Myspace make the list; I’m not sure if the site will ever get back to the numbers it once had, or if that is even a fair bar to set.  They have clearly gone in a different direction and that focus on music and entertainment might help them become more influential vs. being more “popular” – and that isn’t a bad thing whatsoever.

Tweet of the Week:


Jimmy John’s is handing out thousands of samples at/outside NFL games?!  I thought this was a good way to get your name out there – particularly if this happens to be a new store/location in the area around Soldier Field in Chicago.

Those are the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  Have a great week!