Pin of the Month – Branding Around Your Home

Infographic by

Infographic by

Ever wonder how much branding and advertising is in one’s home?  That’s what October’s Pin of the Month focuses on.  Movoto, a real estate research blog, put together the infographic above that has some interesting findings that you probably never think about during the course of a regular day.

Take a look around your kitchen and bathroom.  How many different brands do you see?  Quite a bit I imagine.  Even in my household, where I am terribly loyal to several different brands, you’ll find more than a handful of brands if you were to look around.

There are a number of interesting facts in the infographic about the brands in and around both rooms:

  • Four brands dominate the US refrigerator market
  • I was surprised to see Panasonic as the most popular microwave
  • I was also surprised to find that Waterpik is the most popular showerhead
  • No surprises though on the most popular toothbrush – Oral-B

For each room of the house, Movoto provides a few additional fun facts that you might not know or think of, and the top-rated brands within specific categories that fit into each room.

How loyal are you to the brands around your house?  What brand couldn’t you live without in your kitchen or bathroom?  Our Keurig comes to mind in the kitchen and if I had to pick one brand in the bathroom, I would have to say Crest, given we use it for both toothpaste and mouthwash.

For those unfamiliar with our Pin of the Month, each month we’ll be posting one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. from our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in a blog entry once a month.  Hope you enjoyed this month’s Pin!  Thanks to Movoto for putting together all of the information!