Understanding the New Facebook Insights

If you haven’t already, in the very near future you will start to see the new Facebook Insights tabs available for the Pages you run.  We picked up the new tools last week and wanted to take you through a look at the tabs and the information that Facebook will be providing page owners, while also sharing some of our initial thoughts.  Overall, there looks to be a much greater amount of data available to page owners.  Here is what you will be able to find if you run a Facebook Fan Page.


From the first picture below, you’ll find that the general overview will provide a 7 day summary of activity on your page.  You’ll see the total number of page likes, how many people your posts are reaching, and the level of engagement each post drives.  Facebook has cleaned up the way they show/illustrate Reach and Engagement metrics and I think it is much more visually appealing.

Facebook Insights Overview

Facebook Insights Overview

Page: Likes

As you can see in the image below, there is more depth and breadth now available in how many Likes you are getting and where they are coming from – whether from your page directly or from page suggestions.

Facebook Insights - Page: Likes

Facebook Insights – Page: Likes

Page: Reach

Here is where the analytics start to get a little more interesting to me.  You will be able to understand the reach of individual posts and total reach over the course of the week.  Facebook will also break this down between paid and organic.  Finally, you’ll be able to better understand posts that are driving Likes, Comments, and/or Shares.  The usability and functionality of the analytics/insights is much more impressive with the update, as you had very little in the past whatsoever.

Facebook Insights Page: Reach

Facebook Insights Page: Reach


The new Facebook Insights will show you the exact time that your posts are published, so if you want to start thinking about optimizing when you post on Facebook, this will obviously help as you compare and contrast the performance of each post.  At the same time, Facebook is letting you know when your Fans are online, so the combination of these two pieces should guide you in the right direction rather easily.

What I really like here is the ‘Best Post Types’ tab – per the picture below.  Here, the Insights page will break out your posts to different types – Status updates, Links, and/or Photos.  You will then be able to see the average Reach and levels of Engagement each type of post is generating with Fans – pretty powerful information to help you fine-tune the message itself.

Facebook Insights Posts

Facebook Insights Posts


Finally, you have the People tab – helping you better understand who your audience is.  Facebook will be providing more detail on the demographic makeup of your fans, including; gender, age, geography (country and city), and language.  Not only will you get this information for your Fans, but also across the total Reach of your posts, and those Engaged by your posts/board.  (Being “Engaged” here equates to those who have liked, commented, or shared your posts.)

Facebook Insights - People

Facebook Insights – People

That is a general overview of the new Facebook Insights and analytics tools.  How do you envision using the new services being provided by Facebook?  Let us know in the comments below.