Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 9-8-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome back to Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding!  The following are this past week’s top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our attention.

#1 – Google’s ‘Android KitKat Will Appear on 50 Million Candy Bars – via 

Premise: Google’s next operating system has changed its name from Key Lime Pie (rumored at least) to KitKat, the very popular chocolate candy.  Hershey, who distributes the candy in the US (but not outside of the US, as that is handled by Nestle) announced the partnership with Google, in a publicity-focused, co-branding effort.

Kit Kat bars will have an Android logo on them in stores soon as part of the PR campaign.  Google will be running promotional efforts and giveaways for Nexus 7 tablets, Google Play gift cards, and Kit Kat candy.

Thoughts: The relationship forged here is brilliant from both sides of the fence.  Google will put its Android logo on one of the more popular chocolates on shelf and likely help its appeal among younger potential consumers.  Kit Kat gets the free PR from being involved with Google, who you know is going to market the launch of their new OS heavily.

#2 – “What Microsoft buying Nokia means for Android” – via    

Premise: Microsoft has purchased Nokia for over $7 billion USD earlier this week – less than what the company paid for Skype several years ago.  Nokia is the dominant player/manufacturer of the Windows Phone to date.  This article takes a slightly different angle on the purchase and what effect the acquisition might have on phone manufacturers that have dabbled with Windows phones, but are primarily geared/engaged with the Android OS.

Thoughts: You have probably read enough about Microsoft buying Nokia and how the two companies have joined together to form one, bigger question mark.  I thought this was an interesting angle, particularly since I am an avid supporter of Google/Android products.  Microsoft now owns the vast majority of components of its mobile business, similar to Apple and their iPhone business.  It will be interesting to see if this stunts innovation – as I can easily argue that to be the case with the iPhone and the lack of truly innovative components to the iPhone over the past few releases/versions.

#3 – “Yahoo! From fun to serious and dark.” – via Ries’ Pieces

Premise: After a 30 day PR campaign showing various logos that didn’t make the final cut, Yahoo! finally unveiled its new logo.  Laura Ries provides her take on the new logo and the branding efforts being made at Yahoo! and this isn’t necessarily a ringing endorsement of the changes.  Ries points out that there is a need for Yahoo! to define itself first, both internally and externally, before making logo changes, etc.

Thoughts: It was a busy week among the big guns in technology this week.  The big unveiling has largely been panned on social media, but I really don’t see the big deal.  The logo has been modified, it hasn’t been torn apart whatsoever.  They left the purple color and the “!” in the logo – the two most important parts to the Yahoo! brand.  I also don’t necessarily buy into all of the hoopla that Marissa Mayer (Yahoo! CEO) provided when they unveiled the new logo.  That said, if nothing else, the PR campaign provided a little boost in the news department for the struggling web site.  If that was one of the main goals, then it certainly succeeded.

#4 – “The Big Brand Theory: The Ritz-Carlton Uses Social media to Create Indelible Memories” – via  

Premise: The author of this article had a chance to sit down with a VP of PR at the Ritz-Carlton and ask her what she wanted the company to get out of social media.  The Ritz-Carlton has been known for its world-class customer service and the goal of the company is to deepen engagement levels with its customer base through social media.  The company leverages Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to deepen its relationship with fans and engage them in sharing with their own friends and family.

Thoughts: While personally a Hilton loyalist, I thought this was an interesting read on how another well-known hotel chain has taken to social media to engage with fans and brand ambassadors.  The Ritz-Carlton is leveraging a unique hashtag (#RCMemories) to help its digital team track who is saying what about the company and what is being shared.

#5 – New Guinness Ad is “Brilliant”


Thoughts: This is just a fantastic ad that I wanted to share/embed here from Guinness.  As the old slogan goes, “Brilliant!”  What was one of your favorite ads from the week?

Those are the top stories this week in branding and digital marketing.  Hope you enjoy the week ahead!