Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 9-22-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Here are this week’s Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our attention.

#1 – Using Hashtags The Right Way – via 

Premise: Ever wonder how or where hashtags were started, and by who?  This write-up starts with a repost of the creator of hashtags, Chris Messina.  The repost recalls the early stages of the hashtag and how it almost never got off the ground.  After this, the writer briefly explains the purpose of a hashtag (the ability to allow an audience to see and join in on a particular subject/topic of conversation) and provides a small checklist of items to consider when making your own hashtag.

Thoughts: Hashtags have become an invaluable tool for brands to engage with their audience.  I particularly agree with the writer’s first tip, “research first”, when thinking about creating your own hashtag for your brand/business.  Several months ago we started using “#SundayMusings” in an effort to better understand where RT’s and/or similar comments might be coming from and with the hope of building a broader audience.  It seems to have helped slightly, as visitation has certainly improved on this weekly write-up.

#2 – “Yahoo Screen provides free mobile streaming” – via    

Premise: Yahoo! released Yahoo Screen last week for iOS (Android forthcoming in the ‘near future’), which allows viewers to view video from the app, including SNL, ABC News, and other content.  This continues a growing trend and shift towards mobile streaming, which in turn is making mobile advertising more prominent.

Thoughts: Similar to our September Pin of the Month from YuMe, this write-up provides another example at the growing use of mobile streaming and consumption and the opportunities that are starting to present themselves for marketers.  I found this to be of particular interest given this coming week’s new blog entry, which will focus on mobile advertising.  (Yes, you can consider this a cliffhanger …)

#3 – “5 Google Plus Mistakes that Can Really Slow Your Progress” – via

Premise: As the title suggests, Daniel Sharkov provides five topics that Google+ users should strongly consider in order to make the network ‘better’ for themselves.  Essentially, this is a good resource for getting more out of the network and not turning others off.

Thoughts: All five tips are good thoughts on what to do / not do on G+.  I found the quick tutorial on how to add formatting to your posts to be helpful.  How are you using G+ and is it helping you engage your customer or fan base?

#4 – “Mark Zuckerberg Admits: ‘Coolness Is Done For Us’” – via  

Premise: The founder of Facebook admits that the site is “not cool”, but suggests that this is irrelevant because the site has become an essential tool in people’s lives.

Thoughts: The title of the article caught my attention and I thought for sure that Mark Zuckerberg said something to investors during a conference call about the direction of Facebook.  However, that isn’t the case at all and his response to the comment/question really turned the train of thought around.  His response was brilliant.

#5 – “Come Work at This Ad Agency in Cleveland, Even Though It’s in Cleveland” via

Premise: An ad agency in Cleveland, Brokaw, took to social networks with advertising that would certainly catch your attention.  The agency is located in Cleveland, Ohio and takes a light hearted approach to attracting new talent with its ads, essentially poking fun at the city itself and the opportunity that would exist for you.  It has seemingly worked, with more than 200 resumes being sent in to the company.

Thoughts: First, I have to say that I love checking the AdFreak portion of AdWeek.  There seems to be something there at least once a week that can go in this weekly write-up.  This campaign caught my attention by using “jorts” in their ad.  Absolutely phenomenal.  A life lesson to close out this week’s Sunday Musings: if you can’t make fun of yourself, you have no room to make fun of others.

Those are the top stories in branding and digital marketing from the past week.  We’re off to enjoy a birthday celebration!  As mentioned above, look for a new blog entry on Tuesday revolving around mobile advertising.