Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 9-15-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Welcome back to Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding!  The following are this past week’s top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our attention.

#1 – Twitter Files for IPO – via 

Premise: Twitter announced that the company will finally go public with an IPO later this year.  They have filed a “confidential” S-1 report thanks to new rules from the JOBS act, so potential investors won’t see all of the revenue numbers and expenses for some time.  Twitter has made several hires recently that highly suggested this announcement was coming.

Thoughts: Well, it is about time!  While this likely means more advertising can be expected on the site itself, I’m interested to see how the stock market reacts when Twitter begins trading.  If you have followed this site for the past six months or so, you know that we are heavy supporters of Twitter and how it has, literally, changed news reporting around the world.

Will you be investing in Twitter?

#2 – “Lay’s STAX Brand Celebrates Ten Years of Crunch with Two Great Promotions” – via    

Premise: Lay’s STAX has come up with two promotional efforts to celebrate their 10th birthday (or anniversary?) that is tied to the NFL’s Thursday night games.  On Thursday’s, fans will have a chance to win prizes by logging onto the STAX Facebook page.  Then, the following day, fans can take to Twitter to show how they support the brand for Thursday Night Football for another chance to win prizes (Lay’s STAX potato crisps and/or NFL merchandise).

Thoughts: A little torn on this one.  By all means, this is a great promotion that integrates with the most popular sport in the US right now.  Lay’s is using the two most popular social media networks and that is where I’m getting a little tripped up.  I completely understand the rationale for it and getting (potentially) two different groups of fans (users of each site) engaged with your brand.  But does this lead to any type of confusion or aggravation for potential loyalists who don’t use, or don’t want to use, two different sites?  Would it be “better” to run the second promotion on Twitter after Monday Night Football, instead of both promotions being tied to the Thursday night game?  Would it matter?    

#3 – “9 Great (and 1 Horrible Pinterest Pages – Case Study” – via

Premise: Simply put, the author of the article takes a look at a number of great Pinterest pages to consider following and offers up a plea with one brand (Pizza Hut) to consider making some changes on their board.

Thoughts: I thought this was a good look into how brands can create a highly appealing, and engaging, Pinterest board to share with its fans/followers.  The author’s comments after each brand can also be seen as quick recommendations for you to consider.  The thoughts on Pizza Hut’s page are spot on, I’m not sure what the company is doing with its cover photos, but it isn’t working.

#4 – “The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Marketing” – via  

Premise: Across a bevy of different topics and/or user groups, this one link is a tremendous resource for LinkedIn.  The author has aggregated stories from around the web on building a better LinkedIn page for yourself, your business, and how to better handle your marketing and promotional efforts on the site.

Thoughts: If you are using, or are even considering using LinkedIn to promote yourself or your brand, go bookmark the above link … now!  This is a great source of information to revert back to and to leverage as a checklist for yourself to ensure you are doing the best you can on LinkedIn to promote yourself or your brand/company.

#5 – “AT&T and Others Are Browbeaten on Twitter Following 9-11-Related Posts” via

Premise: AT&T and others decided to take 9-11 and turn it into a self-promotional marketing opportunity.  We’ve seen this time and time again over the past few years.  However, there are several examples in this article of brands doing the “right thing” as well.

Thoughts: I thought long and hard about whether or not to even use this story in this week’s Sunday Musings.  We covered off on a similar conversation two weeks ago when another snafu hit the digital stream.

I’m really getting sick of the news-jacking marketing attempts by brands, only to see them “apologize” for it minutes later.  (The quotes are necessary here as they don’t really mean to.)  There were several brands/companies that made much worse attempts this past Wednesday, but I’ve decided to not link to those stories or examples, as it gives me a feeling that they would “win” despite their stupidity.

Is anyone else sick of this?

Those are the top stories from the past week in branding and digital marketing.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and the week ahead!