Pin of the Month – Connected TV’s

Infographic by YuMe

Infographic by YuMe

For September’s Pin of the Month, we’re going to let the above infographic do the vast majority of the talking.  I discovered YuMe in Investor’s Business Daily, as the company went public last month.  After taking a look through their web site, I found a lot of interesting information and data on digital marketing and the future of advertising.  (If nothing else, take a look through the “Insights” tab on their web site, per the link above.)

This month’s Pin is a summary of a study conducted by YuMe and a research partner regarding “the W’s” (and “How?”) of Connected TV advertising.  The research provides a broad scope of the size of the Connected TV market and how much it is continuing to grow each year.

The infographic goes into the potential of advertising and marketing via Connected TV’s.  About a third of the way down the infographic (in the green backdrop), I found the following statistics/findings of particular interest: 70% interacted with a successful ad, with 32% Liking/Following a brand and another 21% sharing information about it.  Those are pretty strong numbers in my opinion.

After then taking us through some key demographic information, the infographic presents the key takeaway from the research – the opportunity to market towards a willing consumer on short-form video content, specifically on Connected TV’s.  For those that might be interested in more information, here is the white paper that was put together for this research.

Has your brand/company looked into this type of advertising?  I’ve always thought that advertising on Hulu, and similar types of sites/apps, was a good use of an advertising spend, assuming you are doing your homework beforehand and targeting the right market(s) with the right message(s) with that spend.

For those unfamiliar with our Pin of the Month series, each month we’ll be posting one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. from our Pinterest page and (over-) analyzing it in a blog entry once a month.  Hope you enjoy!