New Poll: Branding-related Book Review

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Two of the first blog entries earlier this year referenced several of our favorite branding and digital marketing-related books that I have read in the past (Part 1 and Part 2).  Since then, there has been a dramatic shift from reading books and novels to reading RSS feeds and links.  In an effort to balance this out a bit, you will find a new poll on the Shore Branding page to help select the next book I sit down with.

After searching for a few minutes on more recent write-ups that focused specifically on branding, I have decided to narrow the field down to these five books.  The hyperlinks below will take you to each book’s page for a brief description/summary of each.

  1. Brand Against the Machine” by John Morgan
  2. Brandscaping” by Andrew Davis
  3. Breakthrough Branding” by Catherine Kaputa
  4. Designing Brand Identity” by Alina Wheeler
  5. StoryBranding” by Jim Signorelli

Which of the following would you recommend for those looking for a good read?  You can select more than one in the poll on our page.  Towards the end of September / early October, we’ll close the poll and I’ll take some time to read and review the book with the most votes.  From there, I’ll write up a book review on said book.

Thanks for taking the time to vote!  If you have other suggestions, please let me know in the Comments below or directly on any of our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, or Google+).  Please do make sure it focuses on some type of branding-related focus (branding itself, brand building, brand extensions, etc.).