Guest Writer Wanted!

Want to write a "Tips" article on Yelp or Instagram?

Want to write a “Tips” article on Yelp or Instagram?

Towards the end of the summer I referenced that several changes would be happening here at and this is one of those items/announcements.  I am looking for a guest writer/blogger to help out with a few digital marketing write-ups.  I have two in mind specifically, but am more than open if someone also had thoughts/ideas of their own and wanted to leverage this site as a platform.

What I am looking for specifically is for someone to write a “Tips” article for Yelp and/or Instagram.  To be perfectly honest, I do not use these sites nearly enough (Yelp) or at all (Instagram) and any type of tips article written by me would be a disservice.  There isn’t a rule or set number of tips that need to be included in the write-up, but I would expect more than a handful for each.  For reference, here are our past “Tips” write-ups on other social networks/platforms.

If you or someone you know is an avid user of either platform and has an interest in writing, please let me know.  That last sentence is essentially the criteria for my selection process as well.  I’m looking for a power user of either, as well as someone that has shown the ability and desire for writing.

If you can think of anyone that fits this criteria, please let me know in the Comments section below, or reach out to me at john [at] or across any of the social networks Shore Branding can be found on – Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.  If you have any questions at all, please let me know.


  • John

    Quick update – we believe we have someone for the Instagram “Tips” write-up. If you are a power-user of Yelp and are interested in putting together that type of write-up, please let us know.


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