Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 8-18-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Here are this week’s Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding, the top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our eye this past week.

#1 – Timeless Branding Lessons From A Young Steve Jobs – via 

Premise: This write-up takes us back to the late 90’s and when Steve Jobs started to change the image of his Apple brand.  Using Nike as a prolific example of how to get branding “right”, Jobs obviously turned the company upside down and led it to become a global phenomenon.

Thoughts: With the release of “Jobs” the movie this weekend, there is no time like the present to cover off on one of the greatest innovators of his time.  Take a look at the ad from 1997 at the end of the link above; that was a phenomenal 60 second spot.

#2 – “Vine’s Growth in Social Media Marketing” – via    

Premise: The author takes us through two example brands using Vine to improve their digital marketing and connection with consumers: Lowes and ASOS.  There are three pieces of rationale on what Vine can do for your brand or company: show your personality, express creativity, and garner shares.

Thoughts: Not sure if my eye is searching for it more, but more and more write-ups are popping up the growth and strength of Vine … and we were no different earlier this week.  Brands are finding ways to build engagement levels with (potential) consumers through the micro-video site.  Lowes continues to be seen as a golden star on the site.  In case you missed it, earlier this week they released a new round of 6 second tips around the household and here is one of them:

#3 – “This ESPN Slideshow Explains Why It’s the Most Valuable Media Brand in America” – via

Premise: ESPN has become the most valuable media brand in the world.  For this article, the author worked with ESPN executives to essentially ‘prove it/why’.  The ESPN Research + Analytics team shared a number of key data points that backs up their claim, including being the number one watched network among key demographics.

Thoughts: While I often find myself cursing at ESPN and what they have done / are doing to sports and sports reporting, it is hard to argue with the fact that they are the dominant cable station.  If you don’t believe that thought, dig into your cable bill and how much is passed along to the customer by channel.  As the author points out towards the end, ESPN is synonymous with sports and there isn’t much more you can ask for when you are starting a brand or company.  There are a lot of interesting data points in the charts that ESPN provided for those interested.

#4 – “WWE Unveils Social Hub, Google Glass Integration for SummerSlam” – via  

Premise: The WWE is one of the most engaging companies across social media and their digital plans continue to expand with this weekend’s SummerSlam PPV.  The WWE will be using its .com homepage as a social hub for the weekend and users will be able to customize it for their own preferences.  They will also be using Google Glass for the first time, with one wrestler using it throughout this past week and again later tonight during the broadcast.

Thoughts: I know and completely understand why this story might not appeal to many out there.  However, strictly looking at the WWE’s digital marketing plan, you have to be somewhat in awe.  They are driving hundreds of thousands of their fans to these sites and apps.  The company continues to tweak and update their digital integration to get the most out of them, but also to get the most out of their fans.

#5 – “Kick the habit… ‘Crack’ Berry users just don’t feel the same high anymore form the outdated mobile device” – via 

Premise: Blackberry continues to lose steam and lose share in the mobile world.  Their new devices and ideas aren’t cutting it and are not resonating with users – and you can easily argue that some of these ideas aren’t really “new” to begin with.  As sales decline, the board is now considering selling the brand/company.  Apple and Android have left Blackberry in the dust.

Thoughts: Sorry to end this week’s Musings on such a down note, but this write-up really brings to light just how poorly Blackberry has adapted to the ever-changing mobile landscape.  The company has struggled to bring anything new/unique to the table that would light a spark for itself with current users, let alone bring in new ones.  Many a wise person has said the following in the past and it is well-fitting when thinking about Blackberry; “Innovate or Die”.

Those are the top stories this week from the branding and digital marketing arenas.  Have a great week!