Brands Winning on Vine

Brands winning on Vine

Brands winning on Vine

Since being acquired by Twitter in late 2012 and subsequently rolled out to the masses in early 2013, Vine has caught fire on the digital marketing front, forcing copycats to rethink their strategy in the world of micro-video creation and video sharing across social media platforms.

It hasn’t taken long for brands and agencies to pick up on the platform and turn it into another medium to create / develop a stronger connection with (potential) consumers and drive a strong branding message to the masses.  While we have briefly touched on Vine’s success across a number of Sunday Musings’ entries, let’s focus on the site in more detail and take a look at what brands are winning on Vine.


Perhaps the “original” winner is/was Lowes home improvement store.  Lowes created more than a handful of “how to” videos that provided a solution to various around the home problems that come up.  These videos took off quickly as the app itself was very much in its infancy stages and is one of the original brands to really drive engagement with consumers.

The idea behind these “how to” videos has been reapplied by several other brands more recently…


The social media team at Oreo has done a great job of driving engagement with followers across digital platforms and Vine just happens to be part of the action for the brand.  Oreo has also produced a number of clips that show new/unique uses of their cookies and creating new snacks for the household.  I also like the hashtag “#OreoSnackHacks” that they have come up with for the series and it seems to resonate with followers:

#OreoSnackHacks hashtag on Twitter

#OreoSnackHacks hashtag on Twitter

Best Buy

While Best Buy’s Vine’s follow a very similar pattern to Lowes and Oreo, I wanted to call their efforts out as well, as they have driven home their hashtag to a very specific market and I think that this is one of the stronger pieces of marketing the company has put together in some time.  Best Buy is using the “back to school” months and promoting across platforms to drive consumers to their web site:

Shifting gears a bit, there are a few other brands out there that are highly engaging with followers:

Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms has released a clip every few days since joining the site.  Within the description of the micro-video they are including all of the ingredients included in the recipe so you know exactly what is needed to make it yourself.  The Vine videos themselves are very colorful and appealing to the eye.  You can find all of the Vine clips and quite a few funny ads on their Twitter feed.

(Quick aside: kudos to whoever is running the Bolthouse Farms Twitter feed specifically.  I wound up sharing the Vine videos used in this post and Bolthouse Farms was the one company to come back and say “thank you”.  It doesn’t take much to do something like this, but few do and it goes a long way in winning over consumers.  In fact, they quickly did and we’ll be shopping for Bolthouse Farms products the next time we go to the grocery store to give them a try.  See how easy that was?)

USA Today

The newspaper has made a conscious effort to integrate Vine into their daily digital marketing efforts.  First, I like the consistent effort.  Second, they make slight changes to how they introduce the daily paper each day, a highly engaging way of keeping things fresh and interesting.  They could probably work in a better hashtag than “#News”, but this is light-years ahead of any other publication right now.

James Mangold – director of “The Wolverine”

You have probably seen this Vine video dozens of times at this point, but it remains the only feature film clip worth noting.  It is surprising to not see copycats throughout the summer months trying to build off of this with similar efforts.  The director of the film released this Vine a few days ahead of the release of the ad campaign for the movie.  This was quickly picked up by the masses and a big step for Vine itself.

America’s Candle

So I wound up doing a search on Vine for “#Branding” and was surprised at how little came back.  Beyond a few miscellaneous clips, the only company I noticed to use the hashtag was America’s Candle.  While this might not be the eye appealing clip that others referenced above have produced, the use of the #branding hashtag allowed me to find this, and admittedly, I am suckered into this and will be thinking about making custom candles as a potential gift for family members come the holiday season.

Those are the brands winning on Vine these days.  What brands or companies have caught your eye on Vine?