Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 7-7-13

Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding - the top stories in branding and digital marketing!

Photo Credit: CBS Philadelphia

Hope everyone in the US has enjoyed the 4th of July holiday weekend!  Here are this week’s Sunday Musings, the top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our eye.

#1 – Which Brands Are Most Patriotic – via 

Premise: With the 4th of July holiday upon us, you know you are going to see a lot of patriotism in the branding and marketing efforts of companies this week.  The study conducted as the premise for the article measures the emotional engagement that each brand has with “patriotism”.

Thoughts: Why wouldn’t we start the holiday Sunday Musings off with a little patriotism?  The top brand ranked in this study was Jeep, a little surprising to see the car at the top of the list.  The next few are not surprising at all – Hershey, Coca-Cola, etc.  Further down the list and into the top 50 were a few sports teams, the Yankees, Patriots, 49ers, and Cowboys.  The author says it well towards the end of the article, “… brands that make that kind of connection always have a strategic advantage over competitors when it comes to the marketplace battle for the hearts, minds and loyalty of consumers”.

#2 – “Four Brands Rocking Social Media” – via    

Premise: Across the many social media platforms, there are many examples of people and brands who do it wrong.  This articles goes in the other direction, pointing to brands that are doing it right on a particular platform: Twitter – Glasgow Subway and Brewdog, Pinterest – Sony Electronics, and Instagram – Sharpie.

Thoughts: This article fits nicely with the Shore Branding poll that will be closing shortly on our site (go vote!).  There is so much focus on the social media fails (rightfully so when it comes to brands and companies) but it is nice to be reminded that companies can and do succeed on these platforms as well.  I took a gander at Brewdog’s Twitter account and they are definitely actively engaging with their consumer base.  The Sharpie Instagram page also looks to be heavily engaging with their target/core market.  

#3 – “Can Pizza Hut catch up with Dominos online?” – via

Premise: Dominos web and mobile strategy have been highly successful in the UK, with more than 60% of their deliveries stemming from online ordering.  This coincides with a strong rise in sales in the UK – up almost 12% year over year in recent reporting.  Dominos strength carries over into its mobile strategy and performance, as Pizza Hut also struggles in this arena.  The author points to Pizza Hut’s landing page on mobile as one of the biggest problems the chain needs to consider fixing.

Thoughts: Maybe it was the holiday weekend that had us thinking about food too often, but this is a good example of rolling out a digital/mobile strategy to face competition, but spending very little time optimizing the content and/or simplifying it for seamless use for your consumers.  It is pretty amazing that in less than a decade, how food delivery has been modernized and turned on its head due to technology.

#4 – “Iconic Brands That Just Vanished” – via  

Premise: For a multitude of reasons (the financial crisis, mergers, poor management, etc.) there have been a number of iconic brands that have virtually disappeared over the past decade.  This article takes a look at a number of these brands, including Sony Ericsson, Cingular, Compaq, and several financial institutions.

Thoughts: My first few cellphones were through Cingular, and to be honest, the brand name never comes to mind unless I see something like this in the news.  That is how quickly things have changed in the mobile landscape over the past ten years.  While some things are out of your control, this article is a good reminder that brands must constantly be adapting to meet their consumers’ needs and if they aren’t, they will get left behind at some point in time.

#5 – “A FaberNovel Study: LinkedIn, the Serious Network” – via

Premise: The SlideShare below illustrates the opportunity ahead for LinkedIn.

Thoughts: There are a number of facts and figures throughout this presentation that illustrate the phenomenon that is (and has become) LinkedIn.  Yet, the site somewhat remains in its infancy stages of development.  Revenue is growing and so is its global footprint.  The presentation also provides a number of steps and recommendations on how to get the most out of the network, and how the site has revolutionized professional networking.  Take a look at slide 105 to see a quick overview of the more recent updates the site has rolled out.

Those are the top stories this week in branding and digital marketing.  Again, hope everyone in the US enjoyed the holiday weekend!  What caught your eye this week?