Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 7-28-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Here are this week’s Sunday Musings, the top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our eye.  The fifth ‘story’ is simply a combination of a number of news items released at Google’s conference on Thursday this past week.  Hope you enjoy!

#1 – Chipotle Faked Its Twitter Hack – via 

Premise: Last Sunday, it looked like Chipotle’s Twitter handle was hacked.  It turns out that this was not the case and simply a PR stunt to help celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary and kickoff a promotional campaign.  Chipotle isn’t the first, and likely won’t be the last, to fake being hacked.

Thoughts: It is hard to argue with the “success” of this fake hacking, given the amount of buzz and increased exposure Chipotle received last Sunday.  However, it still doesn’t sit right with me for some reason.  This is something that really can’t (or shouldn’t) be done again on the feed.  You can certainly see the rationale of why Chipotle and others would consider something like this however.

#2 – “You can’t bottle viral magic … but you sure can leverage it” – via    

Premise: MLB’s Kansas City Royals team helped ignite a social media whirlwind for ‘Billy Butler’s Hit-It-A-Ton BBQ Sauce’.  The locally made product was available but barely noticed until Royals’ pitcher Jeremy Guthrie tweeted a picture of himself with the sauce.  After this, the sauce was brought into the dugout and has been a good luck charm for the team.  MLB and ESPN picked up on the story, driving sales and PR for the brand to a whole new stratosphere.

Thoughts: It is amazing how some of these stories play themselves out, isn’t it?  A simple tweet with a picture from an athlete has skyrocketed the brand and given it national exposure.  I do like how they have capitalized on this and built off of it with apparel and the hashtag #rallysauce.

#3 – “Guinness finds NFC’s killer app: free beer” – via

Premise: Guinness is running a promotional campaign in the UK, where anyone with an Android or Blackberry phone with NFC can tap their phone on a Guinness sign to see if they have won a free beer at local, participating pubs.

Thoughts: We have focused on Guinness here in the past and how it has come up with these simple, but “brilliant” promotional campaigns that help build trial and loyalty among patrons.  This is yet another example of the brand finding a means through technology to build a little buzz for itself.  NFC hasn’t necessarily taken off, but ideas and campaigns like this might make others start considering the use of something similar.

#4 – “Introducing SlideShare’s New Infographics Player” – via  

Premise: LinkedIn’s SlideShare has rolled out a new player that optimizes the view for infographics.  After uploading the infographics to SlideShare, they can easily be shared across the web on social media and other sites – just like current/past SlideShare presentations.  Analytics have also been improved for SlideShare PRO users.

Thoughts: Love them or hate them, infographics have become a strong way of presenting data and information in a visually stimulating manner.  SlideShare, just like its owner LinkedIn, continues to evolve … and impress.

#5 – News from Google’s meeting on 7/24/13 … 

Premise: Earlier in the week, Google hosted a conference to rollout several updates and new products.  Rather than having one story here, let’s just jump into our thoughts on several of the announcements from the conference.

Thoughts: Google announced the arrival of the second version of their Nexus 7 tablet.  JR Raphael put together a quick review of the new tablet.  Reading the comparison specs and the new features, the new tablet clearly has taken a positive step.  As an owner of the original Nexus 7 tablet, there are a few upgrades that would make me consider trading in my own for the new version, including; front and back cameras, improved picture quality, and increased storage space (a 32g version).  However, the rumored, next operating system for Android (Key Lime Pie) is not ready to be rolled out and I’ve decided to hold off until that is launched before considering a tablet upgrade.

A second big announcement from Google is the launch Chromecast: a HDMI plug-in that brings your laptop, tablet, or phone alive on your television screen.  This is somewhat similar to Apple TV and to Roku, for those that might be familiar with either.  Wired put together a few positives and watch-outs for the device.  This is a potential game-changer in my opinion.  The $35 price tag doesn’t hurt either.  I have actually already purchased the Chromecast.  However, by the time I put my order in on the 24th, it was sold out and will be delivered in early August.  Look for a review write-up shortly thereafter.

Google also announced a new Play market, a partnership with publishing companies for an improved Books market, and upgrades for the new version of Jelly Bean operating system, Hangouts, and Games.  For anyone that might be interested, here is the full conference:

Those are the top stories this week in branding and digital marketing.  Have a great week ahead!