Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 7-21-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing

Below you will find this week’s Sunday Musings, the top stories in branding and digital marketing that caught our eye.  Beyond two branding stories, there is a focus on mobile in this week’s headlines.

#1 – Foursquare Rolls Out Post-Check-In Mobile Ads – via 

Premise: In an effort to increase revenue, Foursquare is now allowing business owners to advertise based on local check-ins at certain/specific locations.  The business is only charged when a Foursquare users clicks on the ad itself.  Two brands that are already using the service are Captain Morgan and Toys R Us.  However, brands will not be able to advertise based off of someone checking in at a competitor’s location.

Thoughts: As mobile grows and becomes more and more data rich, these types of efforts should be expected.  Assuming these ads aren’t too cumbersome for the end user, this should be an added benefit for all involved.  Foursquare increases its revenue stream, brands get their message out there in a relevant manner (targeting those that are checking in at specific, desired locations) and the end user may find a great deal for themselves from time to time.

Allow me to use this as an opportunity to remind you to go vote for the location-based app of your preference in our poll at the top right hand corner of this page.

#2 – “10 interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week” – via    

Premise: This article takes a look at stories from around the world on how digital marketing is evolving.  Headlines include research studies conducted on marketing campaigns, advertising efforts / effectiveness, search data, and mobile stats.

Thoughts: A number of these headlines caught my attention.  From Australia, it was interesting to see that “budget” wasn’t the main barrier to coordinated digital marketing programs, but strategy.  One quarter of companies interviewed in another study said that they don’t have anyone dedicated to analyzing web data.  Yikes.  eConsultancy’s own study illustrates the growing trends towards mobile and how businesses are gaining traffic from the platform.  

#3 – “For Entry-Level Snobs, Try a Bottle of Wines for Dummies” – via

Premise: Almost 20 years have passed since “Wine for Dummies” was published.  As you are likely well aware, a number of “… for Dummies” books have been made over the years.  Back in May, a New Jersey wine importer – Vision Wine and Spirits – introduced the bottles of wine based off the book.  There are red and white wines available from California and Italy.  At a reasonable cost (~$10 a bottle) the wine is now available in 15 states and will look to grow increase its distribution by the fall.

Thoughts: Brand extensions, when done appropriately, can help a brand/company build or stay relevant and I feel like this is one of those examples. Building off of high recognition of the “… for Dummies” brand, the company is capitalizing on a very popular market right now with consumers.  We’ll see if this extension is as successful as some of the others from the past.

#4 – “8 smart mobile marketing practices” – via  

Premise: Mobile continues to grow and has “become the front runner in the world of marketing”.  The author put together eight tips for small businesses for inclusion in their/your mobile marketing strategy.

Thoughts: Beyond developing a mobile-optimized web page and keeping up with trends in technology, there are a few other ideas here that need to be considered when thinking about your mobile strategy.  Market testing is a recommendation here that I fully align on; make sure you put more than one set of eyes on what you will be rolling out to ensure it runs seamlessly, across devices, and you catch as many of the hiccups as you can before fully launching.

#5 – Heineken’s “Departure Roulette” – via Heineken USA’s YouTube page

Premise: Heineken set up a display inside JFK airport and asked flyers if they would cancel their current reservations for a chance to fly anywhere in the world via touching a button and letting the random selection of a city, send them on their way.  Here is the 3 minute video that ensues:

Thoughts: This is the second week in a row where we have a beer brand included in the Sunday Musings.  However, I thought this was a great PR idea from the Heineken team.  The video was put on YouTube on Thursday, 7/18 and already has well over one million hits.  Well done!

Would you ever consider dropping your itinerary and spinning this wheel at the airport?  Depending on what I was at the airport for (personal vs. business), I would have to assume that I would be willing to do so 90% of the time if I was there for personal reasons.

Those are the top stories this week in branding and digital marketing.  Did anything catch your attention this week in the news?