Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 6-16-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing


Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!  Once again, here are this week’s stories that caught my attention in branding and digital marketing in this week’s Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding.

#1 – 7 Trailblazing Brands That Won By Being First – via 

Premise: The author takes a deeper look into the brands that defined or redefined their marketplace by being the first one to go in a unique direction.  From DeBeers changing the diamond industry to digital stalwarts like LinkedIn and Amazon, the article takes us back to the beginning for these companies and how they have become successful.

Thoughts: If you want to change the world, you have to think a little outside the box, right?  These companies have certainly done so over the course of time.  There are a number of intriguing examples listed in the article.  One that caught my eye was how Nintendo changed the video game market with their Wii console in 2006.  It is even more interesting to think about how archaic the Wii already seems to be in 2013 and how that market has evolved in such a short period of time, after being stagnant for so many years prior.

#2 – “The new, new Myspace leaves beta – launches a revised design, new features, & a mobile app” – via    

Premise: After launching a beta program back in January, the new Myspace has re-launched again this week, with focus on the music industry and having more focus on their mobile strategy.  With this in mind, Myspace has launched a new iOS app.  There are a number of new features, largely focused on winning mindshare among artists and creating different ways for artists to get their music out there.

Thoughts: The one time leader in the social media space is again trying to recreate itself and find its new place/niche.  The focus on a very crowded market like online/mobile music is understandable.  However, it also makes it hard to foresee a future that is as bright as Myspace’s past.  I signed up for the new Myspace back in its beta launch earlier this year and used it for a few days.  I don’t think I’ve touched the site/app after the first week and found it a little confusing and slightly underwhelming.

What do you think the future holds for the new (, new) Myspace?  

#3 – “The Future of PR Is A Marketing Smoothie” – via

Premise: In the past, the marketing, advertising, and PR teams at any given entity were separate divisions.  However, this strategy has widely changed over the years so that each of these ‘divisions’ is now intertwined with one another.  If your marketing efforts aren’t inclusive of all of these elements, together, you are going to get left behind.  The author then headlines all of the different elements that PR covers off on for each and every marketing effort.

Thoughts: The overall thought here of ensuring your various pieces of marketing are intertwined is very important, and yet somehow ignored by some companies.  If you don’t have everyone on the same page and living and breathing the same mantra, you are going to get left behind, no matter what industry you are in.

#4 – “Ray Donovan: The Internet Marketing and Branding BEHIND the upcoming new series!” – via  

Premise: Just as the writer starts off this article, “Who is Ray Donovan?”  The series coming later this month to Showtime has already won in its branding and digital marketing efforts.  The writer praises the teams’ SEO and social branding.  The show hasn’t aired a single episode yet and has 178K ‘Likes’ on Facebook already.  The team has also successfully used YouTube to build playlists of videos and are all tagged and have calls to action.

Thoughts: My wife and I were actually joking about this recently.  The marketing efforts behind Ray Donovan are phenomenal.  We have almost no idea what the show is about from the ads Showtime airs but have made it clear that we are sitting in and watching the premiere of the show on 6/30.  I guess their marketing strategy has us won over.  Here’s a simple search for “Ray Donovan” on YouTube – you can see for yourself all of the content already created.

#5 – “Foursquare Rolls Out Visualizations of Your Check-Ins, Sponsored by Samsung” – via

Premise: Foursquare is rolling out a new feature called ‘My History’ with the help of Samsung.  Based on your check-in history, you’ll be able to receive infographics of where you have been and recommendations on where to go.  The latter is under a tab called ‘The Next Big Thing’ – a familiar tagline for Samsung.  The deal is apparently pretty lucrative (7 figures) for Foursquare, who has been under pressure to prove that it can raise funds/revenue.

Thoughts: As mentioned in several Sunday Musings write-ups in the past, I’ve been a user of Foursquare as my preferred location-based social network for checking in, deals, etc.  My account has yet to have received this latest update, but I do see much better recommendations from the site/app based on where I have checked-in in the past, relative to what they used to provide (or not) in the past.  It will be interesting to see how much of a step forward this latest news/effort will have in driving my engagement with the site/app.

What stories in branding and digital marketing caught your attention this week?  Again, have a Happy Father’s Day!