Sunday Musings w/ Shore Branding – 5-19-13

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding and Digital Marketing


This week’s ‘Sunday Musings’ are ready to go, bringing you the top five stories in branding and digital marketing.

#1 – Everything announced at the Google I/O 2013 keynote in one handy list –

Premise: Google’s I/O conference was held this week and The Next Web created a laundry list of announcements the tech giant made during its keynote speech.  Beyond the Android numbers and updates/upgrades for developers, there were also a number of updates to many of Google’s products this week.

Thoughts: Rather than run down the plethora of announcements, this article was a nice, quick summary of everything announced at the keynote.  These conferences are always exciting because I know a number of great updates are forthcoming for my devices.  Particular items that caught my attention:

  • Google Play Music announcing a monthly subscription fee for unlimited music
  • A number of updates to Google+, which does have a Pinterest feel to it after logging in after the update was pushed to the site
  • Hangouts, the new messaging service, replaces Talk and was pushed out to my devices on Friday
  • 15GB’s of free storage for pictures, etc. on Google
  • All attendees received a Chromebook Pixel which retails for ~$1,500!

#2 – “This Is The Most Epic Brand Meltdown On Facebook Ever” –  

Premise: A company called “Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro” was recently on the TV show Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey.  Well, apparently they were hit with several comments on their social media pages and took to their Facebook page to defend themselves.  The rest … well, you can probably tell from the title of the article.

Thoughts: This is absolutely fantastic and dreadful all at the same time.  The reactions and comments that they are firing off on their Facebook wall is both hysterical and nauseating.  I think you get the point.  As the night wore on, the owner’s comments* get more and more disturbing.  This is certainly not how you should take to social media to engage with people.  The owner’s overtake the Applebee’s fiasco as the number one fail in SM so far in 2013.  Well done!

(* The owners are saying their page was hacked and that it wasn’t them making these comments.  “I’m not here to talk about the past, I’m only here to talk about the future” – Mark McGwire.  This statement comes to mind when hearing this now common excuse/explanation of “my page was hacked”.) 

#3 – “Old Spice Takes Over YouTube in Viral Marketing Push” –

Premise: Old Spice has brought back Terry Crews for two 30 second ads that have been launched on YouTube to sell their latest extension, shave gels.  The digital campaign will also include an interactive ad on YouTube’s masthead, which is said to include user-generated content.

Thoughts: Old Spice is at it again.  In our very first edition of Sunday Musings, there was an article regarding how much digital ad spend could be conducted for the price of one Super Bowl ad.  Old Spice seems to get it and have been very successful in the past with their digital campaigns.  The two new ads are pretty good, but may not show/explain the new product line as much as they might want or need to.

While we are here, don’t forget to vote on the new poll on the site.  The site with the most votes will be the premise for a future blog entry.  Of the two ads, “Baby” is the one I like a little more – this one has a bit more humor to it, but doesn’t do as well in branding the product line as the “Shave” ad.  Here is the “Baby” ad, what do you think?

#4 – “QR Codes: Are They Dead Yet? – By Ilya Pozin on  

Premise: The author poses a great question about where the world is with QR codes – usage, engagement, etc.  QR codes have been around for ~20 years and adaptation to them continue to struggle, despite the tremendous growth in smartphones.  There are two points for consideration presented in the write-up for this: business aren’t using them correctly and/or smartphone users fail to see the value in scanning a QR code.

Thoughts: I happen to agree with both points and that it is a combination of the two as to why QR codes are nearly worthless in my opinion.  About three months ago, I scanned / tried to scan two QR codes the same day.  I noticed that the same agency had made the sale to two local establishments and it piqued my interest.  One QR code did not scan at all.  The second worked appropriately and I received an email the next day for a coupon/discount off of my next trip to the restaurant.  However, I haven’t heard from said restaurant ever again.  What was the point of becoming a “VIP member by scanning our QR code”?  I have no idea.  (Please stop wasting money and getting sold by others on needing QR codes in your marketing strategy.)

#5 – “4 Brands That Did Mother’s Day Campaigns Right” –

Premise: Likeable put together a list of the top branding efforts from last weekend’s Mother’s Day holiday.  There were four brands/companies selected here and the strategies for each are succinctly summarized by the author.

Thoughts: Out of the four selected, I thought Almay had the best campaign here.  The company did a nice job of tying in their brand with celebrity sponsorship (Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson), a prize for the winner (trip to NYC), and overall engagement by asking you to tell your mother-daughter moment.  This was a trifecta of winning elements and how to build a little buzz for your brand.

Did any of these stories in branding and digital marketing catch your attention this week?