Pin of the Month – Google Glass


April’s Pin of the Month comes from a particularly interesting new product to hit the market from Google, their Goggle Glass eyewear.  For those that may have missed last month’s first entry, each month we’ll be posting one of the better infographics, pictures, etc. from our Pinterest page as a blog entry and (over-) analyze the content of that month’s selection.

This infographic from Martin Missfeldt takes a look at how Google Glass works and its components.  Aside from the CPU and battery itself, you have the microphone, speakerphone, and camera.  What Google Glass actually does is creates a projector image for you right on your retina.  That image appears in your normal vision and can be adjusted as to where it is seen based on where you position the glass itself.

An answer to one of the most important questions I have had on Google Glass is provided at the bottom of the infographic; can people that wear glasses use this product?  The short answer is “Yes”.  The more detailed answer would be, “Yes, but it is going to cost you”.

It will be interesting to see how Google brands their eyewear and how long it takes to be more widely adopted, if ever.  In case you haven’t already seen the official commercial on YouTube, here it is again.  Consider me more than intrigued by the product.  There will need to be a pretty significant shift in consumer behavior and acceptance of wearing objects around the house and while out and about on the streets.  3D TV hasn’t necessarily taken off here in the States and that is probably the most similar consumer product I can think of albeit Glass having much more capability than 3D glasses to this point.

What do you think of Google Glass?  Would you be willing to try this out?